Dogs. I Hate Dogs. Achievement in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

  • Dogs. I Hate Dogs.



    Kill 20 attack dogs with a knife.

    How to unlock Dogs. I Hate Dogs.

    Suggested Mission: One Shot, One Kill

    There are a number of missions in the game with attack dogs so you can try and kill any you come across with your knife. There’s a nice easy place to farm the rest though when you get to the One Shot, One Kill mission. After escaping the building you took the shot from you’ll either kill or run past a load of enemies and enter a building. When you hop through a window a dog will bark and jump up against the wire fence to your left. You can farm this dog uninterrupted for the achievement. You can’t knife it through the fence but you can climb back through the window and wait for it because it’ll run around after you. Time your melee so it hits the dog as it jumps at you. If you miss keep trying and reload the checkpoint after each kill. If you don’t yet have the "Down Boy Down" achievement then let the dog jump on you and pin you to the floor once during this farming run and hit the button when prompted to.

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  • Best place to farm this is probably in the mission All Ghillied Up. It is easily done where you run into the lone dog you are told to ignore. Just run up and knife it, and a bunch of dogs will spawn. Kill as many as possible with your knife then die. The checkpoint will bring you back right before this lone dog. Repeat a few times and it will unlock quickly.
  • Actually the beginning of all ghilled up. There's 3 dogs at the very beginning. Get alerted, knife the 3 dogs that come after you and reload checkpoint.

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