- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 50 [1000]
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000: 10-15 hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Missable achievements: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes, game must be completed on Veteran
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No
- Extra equipment needed: None

All the original achievements from the Xbox 360 version are intact but with 13 new ones added. There are no online achievements and the game has no extra game mode like Zombies or Spec-Ops so all achievements are earned in the campaign. Nothing is missable due to being able to Mission Select at any time and all the miscellaneous achievements are nice and simple.

The game even retains all progress toward achievements and collectibles when you quit out or restart a checkpoint and conveniently tracks the collectibles for you as well. It’s only really the Veteran playthrough that may give you some trouble, especially the notorious Epilogue achievement “Mile High Club”. A glitch was found that made the Mile High Club mission much easier on Veteran. That glitch has been patched but check out the "Mile High Club" achievement for a New Glitch that can be used to make every mission much easier to complete on Veteran difficulty, including Mile High Club itself.

Cheats: Cheats disable achievements so to be safe don't activate any of them until you have finished off the achievements.

Step 1: Campaign Playthrough + Collectibles + Miscellaneous 
If you’re confident in your Call of Duty ability, you can dive straight into Veteran difficulty and finish the achievements in one playthrough, plus maybe a little clean-up. Many of the miscellaneous achievements aren’t that much harder on Veteran anyway and the ones you miss are easy to clean up later via Mission Select on a lower difficulty. The same applies to the collectibles (Intel) which save permanently when you pick them up, even if you die, restart the checkpoint, or quit the level immediately after.

For those not very familiar with first person shooters however, I would recommend starting on a lower difficulty to gain familiarity with the game. For the easiest time and to speed up the process choose Recruit, although if you don’t want the jump up to Veteran to be too jarring you may want to go with a slightly higher setting. It’s up to you.

Helpful Veteran glitch: If you plan on using the glitch to make your Veteran playthrough easier then watch the video under the "Mile High Club" achievement before starting your playthrough as it involves playing each mission up to a certain point and quitting out near the end, then continuing on Veteran difficulty. So be sure to watch it first to cut down on completion time.

Whichever difficulty you choose, I’ve listed the missions below during which I recommend you earn certain achievements. You will have multiple opportunities throughout the game for many of these achievements if they’re not tied to a specific mission so these are mostly just suggestions. The achievements with a (*) in front of them however are the mission specific achievements that do have to be done in the mission they're listed under so definitely check them along the way. See “Eyes and Ears” for the Intel locations so you can grab them during this playthrough too. You'll also want to try and get a kill with every weapon and explosive you come across to work toward “Weapon Master.” Check the achievement in the guide for tips on this and details of three easily missable weapons.

Eyes and Ears” (collect all Intel)
Weapon Master” (get a kill with each weapon)

(*)“New Squadron Record
(*)“Best of the Best

CREW EXPENDABLE (restart mission after getting the first three achievements so you can earn the final three)
No Rest for the Weary
(*)“Desert Storm
Master Ninja
Three of a Kind
Retro Shooter

Four of a Kind

“(*)Your Show Sucks

“(*)Rescue Roycewicz
“(*)Feel the Heat

“(*)Man of the People

“(*)Straight Flush

WAR PIG (check “Weapon Master” for a weapon found in this mission only.)
Bird on the Ground (first ideal opportunity)
Reinforcement Denied” (first ideal opportunity)

Explosion Man

(*)“Ghillies in the Mist
(*)“Man versus Machine” (restart checkpoint after earning this to retain no detection for “Ghillies in the Mist”)

(*)“Time Paradox
Down Boy Down
Dogs. I Hate Dogs
Reinforcement Denied” (second ideal opportunity)

(*)“The Man in the High Tower
Bird on the Ground” (second ideal opportunity.)

GAME OVER (check “Weapon Master” for a weapon found in this mission only)

(*) Mission specific achievements.

Step 2: Complete the game on Veteran if you haven’t already
If you chose to go with a lower difficulty to begin with you’ll now need to finish the whole game on Veteran, either from start to finish or via Mission Select. The Mission Select menu will tell you at the bottom of the screen which difficulty you have finished each mission on. See “Deep and Hard” as well as the individual mission related Veteran achievements for tips. Or alternatively, check out the "Mile High Club" achievement for details of a glitch that can make your entire Veteran playthrough much easier. Keep your eye out for any weapons you haven’t used yet, if any. And if you still have any miscellaneous achievements or Intel left you can try and grab them during this playthrough as well or leave them for the next step.

The Epilogue: Mile High Club mission must also be completed on Veteran for an achievement. This is the hardest one in the game and will require practice. See the “Mile High Club” achievement in the guide for tips and a video walkthrough.

Step 3: Clean Up
If you've earned all the miscellaneous achievements outlined during Step 1 and have completed the game and epilogue on Veteran difficulty then you’ll have attained all 1000. If not, then check your achievement collection to find out which ones you haven't earned yet.

If you've not yet earned “Eyes and Ears” check your Mission Select screen to find out which missions have Intel left to collect. Then check the guide for their locations. If you still haven't gotten a kill with each weapon for “Weapon Master,” then check the achievement in the guide for details of the ones you may have missed as well as a full list of each one you need to have earned a kill with.

Modern Warfare Remastered is an enjoyable experience for those returning after so many years, or even those wh never had the chance to experience the large-scale single-player campaign and multiplayer. Achievement-wise, it's more of the same with a few new additions, but nothing should prove to be too difficult save the Mile High Club mission.

[XBA would like to thank StayPationt for this Roadmap]

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Achievement Guide

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There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Complete 'F.N.G.'.

    Complete the F.N.G. mission on any difficulty. F.N.G. is the tutorial mission of the game. It will teach you the basics then have you complete a run through of the Cargo Ship Mockup Test. You can repeat this test as many times as you like and your best time will determine which difficulty the game recommends you play on. You can choose whichever difficulty you like, though.

  • Infiltrate a cargo ship.

    Complete the Crew Expendable mission on any difficulty. See “Deep and Hard” & "The Package" for tips.

  • Kill the power.

    Complete the Blackout mission on any difficulty. See “Deep and Hard” & “The Rescue” for tips.

  • Protect 'War Pig', the Abrams tank.

    Complete The Bog mission on any difficulty. See “Deep and Hard” & “The Bog” for tips.

  • Operate an AC-130 gun ship.

    Complete the Death From Above mission on any difficulty. See “Deep and Hard” & “The Escape” for tips.

  • Find Al-Asad's safehouse.

    Complete the Safehouse mission on any difficulty. See “Deep and Hard” & “The Second Horseman” for tips.

  • Carry Cpt. MacMillan to safety.

    Complete the One Shot, One Kill mission on any difficulty. See “Deep and Hard” & The Shot” for tips.

  • Corner Zakhaev's Son.

    Complete The Sins of the Father mission on any difficulty. See “Deep and Hard” & “The Third Horseman” for tips.

  • Complete the game on any difficulty.

    Complete every mission (except for Epilogue: Mile High Club) on any difficulty. See “Deep and Hard” & “The Ultimatum” for tips.

  • Find 15 enemy intel items.

    See “Eyes and Ears” for all the Intel locations.

  • Find 30 enemy intel items.

    Look Sharp” will unlock upon picking up your 15th piece of Intel. There are 30 pieces of Intel in the game though so you need to grab them all for this achievement. If you miss any you can go back and get them via mission select at any time. If you grab one then die, quit the mission or restart the checkpoint that piece of Intel doesn’t need to be collected again. Thankfully, the game lets you know how many are in each mission and how many of those you have collected. View the Mission Select screen to check your tally for any given mission or pause during gameplay to see how many you have in the mission you’re currently playing. Here are all the Intel locations, there are written directions under the video if you prefer text guides...


    Crew Expendable
    #01 - You’ll go down some stairs right at the start of the mission. In the room to the right that the drunk guy comes out of, on the table next to the sleeping soldiers.
    #02 - In the first larger room with the cargo containers and the raised walkways on each side. Go down the stairs to your right as you enter and it’s there on the floor.

    The Coup

    #03 - At the start of the mission there will be 4 enemies, 2 in a small hut and 2 outside. The intel is in the small hut.
    #04 - Upstairs, in the house in which you wear your Night Vision Goggles, an enemy will fire at you from behind a door. Facing that door the intel is in the room to the left, directly opposite the room with the informant.

    Charlie Don’t Surf
    #05 - Downstairs in the first building you enter, in the room off to the left that has the AK47 painted on the wall next to the door.
    #06 - Before you cross over the slightly raised street head to the right. It’s in the house at the end, upstairs.
    #07 - Now cross that raised street and look for a staircase on one of the buildings on the right. At the top, turn around to spot the intel on a table.

    The Bog
    #08 - In the first building you enter you’ll be told to man a mounted machine gun. Once you’ve finished with it your team will break through a door on your left that was closed before. In there on a table.
    #09 - After taking out the tanks you’ll head through a hole in a mesh fence. Keep turning left in this next area and you’ll eventually come across the intel behind a palette of fruit.

    #10 - After you get flashbanged leave the house and enter the building opposite. The intel is in this building on a table round to the right.
    #11 - After heading through the greenhouses you’ll need to fight your way into a barn. In the area in front of the barn, the intel’s on a table under a makeshift corrugated iron roof.

    War Pig
    #12 - When following the tank it will turn a corner. Before that corner enter the building on the left. Upstairs the intel is on a bed in the second room.
    #13 - On the opposite side of the street from the last one. Upstairs in the small building on the inside of the corner mentioned above.
    #14 - You’ll get to an alleyway lined with a bunch of cars and there’ll be 2 machine guns firing at you from the building ahead. The intel is upstairs in that building, on a bed.

    Shock and Awe
    #15 - You’ll land in the chopper, make your way to a building and head upstairs to meet your allies. At the far right corner of this upstairs area is the intel on the floor.
    #16 - Drop down from the building mentioned above and head into the small building ahead on the right. The intel is upstairs in a cupboard.

    #17 - In the first building you come across with the large satellite dish outside. Head upstairs and it’s on a chest of drawers in one of the bedrooms.
    #18 - Head to the building directly behind the one that’s on fire. The intel’s on a diner style table on the ground floor.

    All Ghillied Up
    #19 - In the church near the beginning. Climb the ladder up into the bell tower and it’s on the floor.
    #20 - When MacMillan tells you to leave an enemy to him he’ll hit them with the butt of his gun. From here head to the right then turn left and kill the enemies there. The intel is on the barrels they were gathered around. If you’re going for Ghillies in the Mist restart the checkpoint after grabbing it.
    #21 - After sniping an enemy at the top of a fire escape set of stairs head up those stairs and enter the room at the very top for this intel.

    One Shot, One Kill
    #22 - After exiting the apartment building where the dogs attack you look to the right and climb the ladder. Climb right to the top of the set of stairs and the intel is on the floor.
    #23 - At the end of the level, when you set MacMillan down in his sniping position, look back in the direction you came from. To the far right of the area is a building with a closed door. Don’t stay too close to the door during the ambush and eventually it will open when a bunch of enemies spawn behind it. Once it does, enter the building for the intel.

    Sins of the Father
    #24 - At the start of the level you’ll clear out an area containing a restaurant. It’s in that restaurant to the left. Don’t wait around after killing the last enemy because you’re not given much time before being taken to the next area. You could always grab it while there are still some enemies alive to be sure.
    #25 - While chasing Zakhaev’s son through the town you’ll be told to go through an alley on the left. Stay to the right in this alley area and climb the stairs you come to for the intel.

    #26 - You’ll fight a load of enemies in an area with a couple of cars and a destroyed tank in the center. The building opposite has a B2 on it. Head into the open garage door on the left, then all the way to the right and the intel is in the room there on the desk.

    All In
    #27 - Destroy the first tank then head to the right. On the right hand side of this road is a building with enemies on the roof and balcony. It’s in the alley behind this building.
    #28 - When you enter the next large open area with 2 more tanks enter the only open hangar on the right hand side. It’s on the floor on the right.

    No Fighting in the War Room
    #29 - When you get to the corridor with the red (alarm) lighting you can choose whether to go right or left. Go left, continue round the corner, then after a slight right hand turn look in the room off to the left. It’s on the table.
    #30 - After using C4 to blast through a wall head up the steps and around the outside of the room to the office opposite from where you entered. The intel’s on the table.

  • Survive a dog attack.

    Suggested mission: One Shot, One Kill

    To “survive a dog attack” a dog needs to jump on you and pin you to the ground at which point you’ll receive a prompt to press . Get the timing right and you'll kill it earning the achievement. There are dogs in several missions so when you come across one simply let it jump on top of you and press when prompted to. If you haven’t earned it by the time you reach the One Shot, One Kill mission then grab it while using the farming method for “Dogs. I Hate Dogs.”

    See “Dogs. I Hate Dogs.” for a video guide.

  • Complete the cargo ship mockup in less than 19 seconds.

    Mission: F.N.G.

    See “Best of the Best” for tips and a video guide.

  • Save Pvt. Roycewicz on the stairs.

    Mission: The Bog

    At the start of the mission you’ll exit the overpass/highway and enter a building through a large hole in the wall. The first member of your team that will start climbing the stairs here is Roycewicz and he’ll get attacked by an enemy at the first corner. You can run ahead and kill this enemy before he attacks or wait until they are grappling with each other. Just make sure to kill the enemy before he kills Roycewicz.


  • Destroy all the TVs showing Al-Asad's speech.

    Mission: Charlie Don’t Surf

    For this achievement you need to destroy all the TV’s that are displaying Al-Asad’s speech during the Charlie Don’t Surf mission only. If you see the same TV’s during other missions don’t worry, they aren’t required. Some will get destroyed before you can get to them which is fine, I do recommend shooting them again though just in case.

    I’ll list the TV’s that are easy to describe. The ones in the main room of the TV station though will be a bit difficult to explain because there are so many, so I recommend watching the video for those. The video covers all of them so watch it from start to finish if you’d find it easier…

    Before you reach the TV station...

    • Downstairs in the first building you go into, on the opposite side of the room from where you enter.
    • Again, downstairs in the first building you enter, in the room off to the left that has the AK47 painted on the wall next to the door. Same room as a piece of intel.
    • Before you cross over the slightly raised street head to the right. It’s in the house at the end, upstairs. In the same building as some intel.
    • Now cross that raised street and look for a staircase on one of the buildings on the right. At the top, turn around to spot the TV on a table. Again, right next to some intel.

    The first few rooms of the TV station...

    • Up on the wall in the first room when you enter the TV station itself.
    • In this same room turn around and it’s up on the wall to the right of the door you entered through.
    • From the last 2 head down the corridor and take your first right. In this next room up on the wall above the door opposite.
    • In the next room, on a table on the right.
    • When you’re about to exit this room through the door ahead of you turn back to the left and you’ll see it on the desk closest to the door.

    The main large room in the TV station...

    • When you enter the large room with all the desks and a load of enemies clear them out then search the room thoroughly or follow the video guide to ensure you’ve found them all. There is one well hidden on the desk to the left as you enter the room and there is one mounted on the wall in one of the offices opposite where you enter. The rest are all on desks, tables, mounted on the wall or set into the walls in groups of 16.

    After leaving the main large room...

    • In the next area you’ll climb some stairs and enter a kitchen. Hung on the wall on the left in this kitchen.

    In the final room, the broadcast/recording studio (the mission will end in this room so don't take too long)…

    • 1 to the right when you enter.
    • 2 along the wall on your left.
    • 1 in the center of the room.
    • 2 in the little room on the right with the mixing desks.

  • Save the farmer.

    Mission: Hunted

    Near the start of the mission you’ll enter a barn with Capt Price and see a farmer being harassed by a group of enemy soldiers. Wait for Capt Price to give you the order to help him before you take the enemies down. If you start shooting before he tells you to then the achievement won’t unlock so have your sound or subtitles on for this. Once all 5 enemies are dead the achievement will pop.

  • Kill 5 enemies with one shot while in the AC-130 gunship.

    Mission: Death From Above

    During this mission you’ll be in control of the AC-130’s weapons. The 105mm rounds have a large blast radius and there are lots of enemy groups of 5 or more during the mission so this achievement is almost impossible to miss. The earliest opportunity is when a line of enemies exits the church. As soon as you’re given permission to engage fire at them to easily get at least 5 in one shot, taking into account the travel time of the shell of course.

  • Complete 'All Ghillied Up' without alerting any enemies.

    Mission: All Ghillied Up

    This is easier than it sounds. Just listen carefully to MacMillan’s orders and follow them precisely. He'll inform you if you do alert anyone and reinforcements will arrive. In the areas where he gives you the option to take enemies out make sure none of the others can see the enemy you’re targeting when you shoot them. There are only ever a couple to worry about in those situations so just wait for them to walk past each other or for one to turn and look away. A body shot is enough to kill them on recruit difficulty. When crawling or running through heavily guarded areas stay nice and close to MacMillan. If you fail (and when you get spotted while collecting the Intel or earning "Man Versus Machine") simply restart the checkpoint to go back to being undetected.

  • Sky dive to safety on Veteran difficulty.

    Mission: Mile High Club

    Mile High Club is an Epilogue mission that becomes available once you've completed the game. You have a time limit to fight your way through an airborne plane and rescue a hostage. The time limit differs on each difficulty level but on Veteran you only have one minute in which to complete the mission.

    Added 12/31/16:
    This was by far the most difficult achievement in the game until a glitch was found to make it infinitely easier (credit to BubWright for sharing it on the PST.org forum). That glitch has since been patched but there is a new one that can be used to make all the missions in the game easier to complete on Veteran, including Mile High Club. I have a video here showing how to utilise the glitch but I still recommend viewing the original text and video guide below the glitch video if you are new to the mission...

    Original solution:
    Brian from PS4Trophies has kindly let me include his video guide. I will, however, be including details of the technique I used which differs slightly in some areas. If you're new to the mission or need a refresher I recommend watching the video guide and reading my method. Then you can try each one and mix and match whichever approach to each section you feel most comfortable with.

    Once again, thanks to Brian at PS4Trophies for his great work as usual.

    First off I will say that no one technique is going to work every time, in fact even the best methods will take a long time to get right. And not just because of the practice you need but because of several variables that can mess things up for you, such as the A.I. suddenly becoming useless and not doing what they usually do or enemies not being affected by your flashbangs as expected. And worst of all, being blocked by an injured enemy you thought you'd killed because your character can't step over them.

    Here are my promised alternate methods for each section so you can try a few different approaches in each area until you find one that suits you...

    • At the start you can knife the enemy that comes out of the toilet if you like but I got into the habit of just running past him to save a bit of time. Usually your team will take him out although sometimes they seem to fall asleep and he’ll shoot you in the back, but it’s right at the beginning so no big loss when that happens.
    • I switch to my pistol and hammer the guy on the left nice and quickly. Then throw a flashbang to the far end where the enemies come from. You should be starting to throw it as you enter the room you have to pass through on the left. Getting your throw right each time may take some practice.
    • As the flash bang is going off I would grab the shotgun dropped by the first guy I had killed, replacing the pistol. You don’t necessarily need the shotgun but I found it helpful. If you do decide to grab it though the pickup has to happen super quick in one fluid motion. If you take a couple of seconds finding the shotgun just restart.
    • Hopefully the shotgun has enough ammo left in the clip (it varies) to get you through this next section. Whether you have the shotgun or not you don’t need to kill everyone in this room. Most of them should be flashbanged still so only kill the ones you need to, the ones that are either blocking your way or are not affected by the flashbang. You’ll need to try and take out the 2 on either side of the T-Junction type area or they’ll continue to attack you even when you get to the next room, although you may be able to turn back and kill them from the next area while your teammates push up. I’m pretty sure there are more enemies in this first section than were present on the Xbox 360 version and it’s difficult to describe each one's location but you’ll be doing this a bunch of times anyway so you’ll come to learn where the enemies spawn, where they end up and which will be affected by the flashbang etc. The goal is to push through to the next area as quickly as possible while the enemies are flashbanged.
    • Head through the door on the left, take cover behind the seats there and throw a flashbang over them into the area ahead where the enemies are. When it goes off run to the little wooden barrier further up on the left and go prone but be aware of a couple of enemies that may still be on the right side near the barrier. The hull will breach sucking some of the enemies out of the plane while 3 others come down the stairs. You want to reload here while you wait for your team who will kill most of the remaining enemies. You can get stuck in yourself if your team are taking time to arrive. Be careful when you push up though, check behind the last row of seats in the center to ensure they’re all dead.
    • Now with my MP5 equipped I went up the stairs to the left (so I was on the right side once at the top of the stairs.) There are several enemies in this small section before the dividing wall. You want to push up while taking them out asap, then you can throw a flashbang into the next area before moving in to clear it out.
    • There are flashbangs on the table here so grab them and throw one into the corridor ahead. Equip your shotgun which should still be fully loaded from earlier and run past the enemies while they're flashed, shooting any that you have to. Some will come around the corner at the end so be ready for them with your shotgun.
    • Once you reach the door you’ll be given a few seconds to headshot the hostage taker without killing the hostage so take your time and make sure you have the shot before firing. The timer counts down in slow motion so there is no need to rush.
    • From here don’t forget to jump out the plane when your team opens the door.

    This will take a lot of practice. Keep at it but take breaks if you feel yourself getting frustrated because that will impair your performance. Good luck and congratulations in advance!

  • Stab an injured crawling enemy.

    Suggested Mission: Any

    For this achievement all you need to do is melee kill an enemy that is down but not dead. They’ll crawl around for a short while, often shooting at you with their pistol. You can set this up for yourself anytime by shooting someone a couple of times in the leg until they drop to the floor, unable to stand.

  • Complete the game on Hardened or Veteran difficulty.

    For details on how to use a glitch to make your entire Veteran playthrough easier see the "Mile High Club" achievement. If you want to earn the Veteran trophies legitimately, I’ve included some tips here that apply to most areas in the game but I will also include some more mission specific advice under each mission's achievement to help with the more difficult sections.

    General tips for Veteran…

    • You don’t have much health at all so when you take any damage whatsoever get back into cover and wait for it to fully regenerate (i.e. all red blotches to disappear from your screen.)
    • Some areas have infinitely spawning enemies if you don't push up (or at least enemies that keep spawning for a long time). So don’t always just hang back sniping. Try and move forward any way you can even if it means making a run for it and hiding or trying to trigger the next checkpoint.
    • Try and learn the spawn mechanics of the levels though, because clearing out enemies from a distance is easier if there is only a finite number of them. Even if the enemies do keep coming there may be a break between waves allowing you to push up after taking out a group of them.
    • When you see an enemy chopper come in to drop off reinforcements aim at the ropes hanging from it and shoot as many enemies you can as they rappel down. Each one will only require a single bullet because that will cause them to fall and the fall will kill them. This will thin out the number of troops you have to face on the ground.
    • Unlike most games your teammates are actually helpful so use them. Pushing forward slightly will usually get them to move up with you and take out some enemies while you just hide in cover.
    • Use cover and stay right next to some when in combat so as soon as you take a hit you can duck back to safety in the blink of an eye.
    • Check your corners. Nothing is worse than taking out a large group of enemies then getting popped in the back by someone you missed as you push up and having to redo the whole section. Make sure you get them all and move up cautiously from cover to cover even when things seem quiet.
    • Be wary of injured crawling enemies that you may not notice but can mess you up pretty quick with their pistol.
    • Don’t forget to check the rooftops. If you’re dying a lot out of the blue it could be an RPG or sniper killing you from on top of one of the buildings.
    • When you get killed take note of who it was that killed you and why. Then next time be aware of them. That way the more times you fail the more familiar you’ll be with the enemy locations and the easier it’ll get.
    • Remember you can fire through most thin walls and bits of cover so if you see someone hiding don’t wait for them to pop their head out, just hammer the cover they’re hidden behind. Don’t assume they're dead until you see their body though.
    • Don’t forget your explosives etc that are displayed in the bottom left of the screen and are equipped via the d-pad. Familiarise yourself with what items are available to you at the start of each mission and don’t forget to use them, they can really help.
    • If all else fails just cross your fingers and make a run for it. You’d be surprised how often it works. There are usually bits of cover dotted all over so if you just sprint for the next checkpoint making it harder for enemies to hit you you can always duck behind cover on the way if you need to regenerate your health before continuing on.
  • Complete 'Crew Expendable' on Veteran difficulty.

    See “Deep and Hard” for general Veteran Tips.

    This is a nice short mission without any particularly difficult sections. You can make use of your squad a lot here by hanging back and letting them do most of the work.

  • Complete 'Blackout' on Veteran difficulty.

    See “Deep and Hard” for general Veteran Tips.

    Another relatively easy mission, the first section is spent either in stealth or sniping from distance.

    When you’re heading to the power station and the enemies come down the grassy hill ahead of you take cover behind the small shack and make use of your grenade launcher to take out whole groups at once. When they’re all cleared out move up to the destroyed car to spawn the second group then run back to cover behind the shack and repeat the process.

    After abseiling down, slowly move through the houses on the right side making wise use of cover and not rushing forward too quickly. Don’t forget your grenades and other usable items.

  • Complete 'Charlie Don't Surf' on Veteran difficulty.

    See “Deep and Hard” for general Veteran Tips.

    This is a slightly more difficult mission, depending on how you approach it. I suggest grabbing the Dragunov Sniper Rifle off the table in the first building so you can clear out enemies from a distance in the outdoor areas, while remembering to push up every chance you get. Be very careful in the room after the one with the weapons table. There are lots of places enemies can hide in here. Use grenades to flush them out.

    When you reach the notoriously difficult TV station there is a large room with enemies that keep spawning until you press forward far enough. But I found an easy way of dealing with it. When you reach the room sprint anti-clockwise around the outside straight to the little corridor that goes off the room in the opposite corner, the one with the door you end up going through to continue the level. You might not get straight there in one run, you may need to take cover behind a few desks along the way and take out a few enemies that get in your face. And it may take you a few tries. You can even duck into the little room half way around and wait until the corner you’re heading for is quieter. Once you’re there though just hide around the corner at the end of the short corridor and wait for your team to deal with the majority of the remaining enemies because the spawning will have stopped. Poke out and help them if you like and you may need to finish off the final one or two yourself.

  • Complete 'The Bog' and 'War Pig' on Veteran difficulty.

    See “Deep and Hard” for general Veteran Tips.

    The Bog:
    At the very start you can stop the mounted machine guns firing by shooting in their direction, or “suppressing” them. Then run off the highway and you can run straight into the building if you hug the wall on your right.

    When you get to the friendly tank push up or the enemies will keep coming. I kill enemies to the left from behind the dumpster right by where you enter the area until it’s clear enough for me to head over there. Be careful of one or two enemies above you on the roof here. Use my general tips to make your way through the buildings to the anti-aircraft emplacement. Planting the beacon after that can be annoying, just clear out any nearby enemies before going for it and get in and out nice and quick so the mounted machine guns don’t butcher you.

    War Pig:
    This is one of the levels in which you can sprint forward to trigger checkpoints because you have a large squad that will divert a lot of the enemy's attention away from you and the checkpoints are quite close together. Going inside buildings can be dangerous as all the enemies in there will be focused on you and can kill you in a split second when they jump out so if you do go inside be careful. Learn where the enemies are in the buildings and grenade or shoot them before they pop out of cover.

  • Complete 'Hunted' and 'Death From Above' on Veteran difficulty.

    See “Deep and Hard” for general Veteran Tips.

    When you’re waiting for Gaz to open the cellar door just lie down behind the tractor wheel. Once it’s open sprint down into the cellar but only when the stairs are clear so you can get in nice and quick. If someone else is on the stairs wait for them to get inside or they’ll slow you down and get you killed.

    When you’re fighting the enemies at the barn your main concern is the helicopter that will kill you very quickly if it can see you. So either get under the corrugated iron roof across from the barn's door or better yet run up the right or left and use cover that you can move all the way around to be able to block the chopper from any angle while you kill the enemies.

    Death From Above:
    No tips needed. Just don’t fire on your teammates that will have the flashing strobes and enjoy levelling the enemy threat without them being able to do anything about it!

  • Complete 'Shock and Awe' on Veteran difficulty.

    See “Deep and Hard” for general Veteran Tips.

    When manning the grenade launcher on the chopper prioritise the anti-air emplacements and tanks as well as keeping an eye out for the distinctive RPG rocket trails so you can deal with the guys firing them.

    During the first on-foot section keep pushing up when you can or the enemies will just keep coming.

    When rescuing the downed pilot you can clear out a few nearby enemies if you have to but for the most part just get in there, grab her, cross your fingers and get moving. Flicking your right analogue stick right and left as you move seems to help you dodge at least some of the incoming fire.

  • Complete 'Safehouse' on Veteran difficulty.

    See “Deep and Hard” for general Veteran Tips.

    During Safehouse you are searching for Al-Asad. There are a bunch of different buildings you can search and they will only be “cleared” when you have killed everyone inside and been through each room checking for Al-Asad.

    Al-Asad is only ever in one of two buildings though, either the large house on the far left or the farm at the very back of the area. As soon as you have fully cleared one of these two buildings Al-Asad will spawn in the other, and the doors leading into it will be closed up. So technically you only need to go to two of the buildings, although there are lots of enemies in all of them so getting to those two without clearing some of the others along the way would be tough. The large house on the far left is much harder to clear than the farm, and the majority of the enemies at the farm will be there whether it’s Al-Asad’s location or not. However, if you clear the farm first the large house will be closed up and the enemies will all disappear. Then all you need to do is approach the door with Capt Price and as he enters the cut-scene will start. So I recommend making your way to the back of the area, utilising your helicopter back up along the way and clearing any other buildings that are spawning too many enemies for you to pass. Clear the farm, then fight your way back to the large house which will now be on the right and much easier to approach.

  • Complete 'All Ghillied Up' and 'One Shot, One Kill' on Veteran difficulty.

    See “Deep and Hard” for general Veteran Tips.

    All Ghillied Up:
    Nice easy mission, you can remain undetected the whole time (which you need to do anyway for the "Ghillies in the Mist" achievement). Just follow MacMillan’s orders and stick close to him during the crawling and running sections. Make sure to only kill enemies when no other enemies can see them. Restart the checkpoint if you mess up because that will be quicker than fighting off the waves of enemies that come for you when you’re detected. See "Ghillies in the Mist" for more tips.

    One Shot, One Kill:
    This is one of the hardest missions in the game. At the start, when all the enemies start pouring in, the trick is to keep moving. Snipe the few that run across to the left but try and do so without stopping. Then when you reach the bottom just run around to the right toward the building you’re headed for, ignoring all the other enemies.

    When carrying MacMillan take the first left and put him down at the far corner of the building. Turn around and kill the enemies behind then clear out the ones ahead. Put him down again at the small set of steps slightly further up and kill the last few enemies that spawn here.

    The final section can be a nightmare. First off, remember to lay your ten claymores down before you put MacMillan in his sniping spot because when you do he’ll give you his claymores and you can only carry ten. You can hide away (which we’ll talk about in a moment) but I found the first section not too bad to do legit. If you lay the claymores in strategic areas such as between fences and cars where enemies will have to bottleneck, and also up near where you entered the level (where the majority of enemies spawn in) then you can stand in the little booth between the Ferris Wheel and Bumper Cars and snipe away. In here you can duck down for cover when you need to.

    For the next part though, when the choppers drop off reinforcements, there are several professed “safe spots” you can hide in. None of them are true safe spots as grenades can reach you occasionally. Plus the worst thing about them is that loads of enemies will be left for when you need to run and grab MacMillan and take him to the chopper that comes to collect you. The one that ended up working for me was in the booth on the opposite side to the previous one we mentioned. Standing where MacMillan is and looking at the enemy spawn it’s to the far left. Go prone and back up into the corner but keep watching the door as enemies will occasionally run by. I think the reason it worked is because it’s closer to MacMillan than the other so-called safe spots you may have read about and there aren’t as many enemies on this side of the area. When you grab MacMillan flick your right analogue stick right and left as you move with him which seems to help you avoid incoming fire somewhat. Be careful you don’t get stuck up against one of your allies while trying to board the chopper, circle around them and get in.

  • Complete 'Heat' and 'The Sins of the Father' on Veteran difficulty.

    See “Deep and Hard” for general Veteran Tips.

    For some reason most people seem to have a lot of trouble with this mission but I find it rather simple. On your way back down through the village to meet the chopper there is an element of trial and error involved but the checkpoints are very close together and although there is a time limit you should reach the bottom with plenty to spare. Take out a couple of waves of enemies out the back of the small barn on the right before heading out that way and making a run for it, skirting out wide around the edge of the field. You can stop to take out any enemies you notice shooting at you if you like and you have the airstrikes available but don’t get bogged down. Because of the regular checkpoints just run!

    There is no one “best route” but if you get killed try a slightly different route next time or take out the enemies that killed you. You can take cover in the church briefly on your way down. By that point you’re almost there. Stay in the building at the bottom of the hill while you wait for the chopper and when it arrives wait for the prompt to get in before you leave the building or the guys stepping out of the back will block you from boarding and get you killed.

    The Sins of the Father:
    This is a nice straight forward mission really. Just put all the usual tips into practice and you’ll be fine. There are a couple of occasions when your friendly helicopter will come in and clear out a group of enemies for you so wait in cover while it does it’s thing.

  • Complete 'Ultimatum', 'All In', and 'No Fighting in the War Room' on Veteran difficulty.

    See “Deep and Hard” for general Veteran Tips.

    Nothing too difficult or out of the ordinary here. The only extra tips I'll mention for this one specifically are to check the rooftops as there are several enemies on the top of buildings during this mission. And that there are at least a couple of occasions when you can easily kill reinforcements as they rappel down from their choppers.

    All In:
    Use your smoke grenades to approach the first 2 tanks and destroy them with C4. The third one is easier to take out with an RPG though, due to all the enemies surrounding it. You need 2 rockets to finish it off and there are 2 on the floor in the open hangar along the right side from where you enter the area.

    No Fighting in the War Room:
    When you first start playing this mission you’ll notice the distinct lack of checkpoints. Don’t worry though, after you’ve died a couple of times it will start giving you checkpoints at the usual intervals. This mission is all about learning the locations of the enemies so you can push up safely but quickly due to the count down.

    When you get to the corridor that is blocked off with wooden crates, where you need to go right or left to continue, I recommend running up to the crates and using them as cover to take out the enemies further down the corridor. It’s quicker and easier to take them out here than leave them until later. The corridors that go off to the right and left here both have enemies down at the end making it difficult to take any of them out as the ones down the corridor on the opposite side will shoot you in the back while you’re doing so. Throw grenades down there from an angle so they bounce off the wall down to the end or equip your grenade launcher and quickly side step past shooting a grenade down there as you do.

  • Complete 'Game Over' on Veteran difficulty.

    See “Deep and Hard” for general Veteran Tips.

    This mission is pretty straight forward and just relies on you having a decent enough aim because the enemies will be on the back of trucks moving around a lot and often only their heads will be visible. The rest is straightforward.

  • Kill an enemy while blinded by a flashbang in the single player campaign.

    Suggested Mission: Crew Expendable

    This can be done during any mission in the game but I suggest Crew Expendable because the unaware drunk guy at the beginning of the mission gives you the perfect opportunity for it. You can blind yourself with your own flashbang so throw one down the corridor as soon as you get down the stairs to make sure your allies don’t kill the guy before you have chance to. Try and be aiming in his general direction when you throw the flashbang and once you’re blinded just spray your bullets in his direction hopefully killing him. If by some miracle you miss just restart the checkpoint and try again.

  • Kill 2 enemies by blowing up a car in the single player campaign.

    There are two ideal opportunities for this…

    Mission: Charlie Don’t Surf

    Downstairs in the first building you enter there is a table with lots of weapons on it. Grab the RPG at the far end. When you leave this building head through the alley and at the end of the road straight in front of you (not right or left) there is a car. A bunch of enemies will appear in that general area so shoot the car when you see them and it should explode taking at least 2 enemies down with it. Restart the checkpoint to try again if you need to, or...

    Mission: Death From Above

    While in the AC-130 you’ll come to some areas that are littered with cars and have plenty of enemies spawning around them. Shoot at the cars when there are lots of enemies passing by them using any of your weapons although the 40mm cannon would probably be best because the 105mm may just kill the enemies outright without the cars being involved.

    Here is a video guide for the first method...

  • Shoot down an enemy helicopter with an RPG in the single player campaign.

    Mission: Heat

    A single RPG rocket is usually enough to take down a chopper. You’ll automatically earn this while working on the “Flyswatter” achievement because to be able to take down all eight helicopters in the Heat mission you’ll have to make use of an RPG. Although you may have already earned it earlier in the game depending on which method you use to earn the “Reinforcement Denied” achievement.

    See “Flyswatter” or “Reinforcement Denied” for video guides.

  • Kill 4 enemies in a row with headshots in the single player campaign.

    For this achievement the four headshots in a row also need to be in relatively quick succession so as long as you don’t leave too long a period between each one the achievement will pop.

    There are two ideal locations...

    Suggested Mission: Blackout

    At the very start there are two enemies inside a small hut and two outside. If you run ahead you’ll have time to take all 4 of them out with headshots before Gaz or Capt Price kill any of them. Hit the one outside on the left first followed by the closer one on the right. Then you can quickly headshot the two inside one at a time or if you stand on the small mound to the right at the start of the mission you may be able to line their heads up for a double headshot kill, or...

    Suggested Mission: Blackout

    At the end of the mission you’ll enter a house that has had the power turned off. You’ll be wearing Night-Vision Goggles so you can see the enemies but they can’t see you. The first four enemies you come across are easy enough to headshot as they stumble around in the dark. Two will be downstairs and the others upstairs. The fourth one will pop up from behind the overturned table and fire blindly so watch out for him.


  • Kill 3 enemies in a row with your knife in the single player campaign.

    For this achievement the three knife kills in a row also need to be in relatively quick succession so as long as you don’t leave too long a period between each one the achievement will pop.

    Suggested Mission: Crew Expendable

    An ideal opportunity occurs right at the start of the Crew Expendable mission. If you get down the stairs nice and quickly you can knife the drunk guy before anyone else shoots him then quickly duck into the room on the right and knife the two sleeping enemies too.

    See “Master Ninja” for a video guide.

  • Get a kill with each type of handheld gun, explosive and launcher in the single player campaign.

    All the weapons you need for this achievement are listed below so you can keep track as you play. The majority are either given to you at the start of one of the missions or are readily available to pick up from dead enemies. So the best advice is to check which weapons you have at the start of each mission, including the explosives that you equip using the d-pad, and make sure to get a kill with each one. Then you can start picking up every new weapon you come across and before you know it you’ll have used the vast majority of them and will only need to keep your eye out for a few remaining ones. The launchers that lock onto vehicles only require you to destroy an occupied enemy vehicle for it to count.

    The Mile High Club mission has a lot of enemies and they drop a wide variety of different weapons so if you’re not sure which ones you haven’t used yet and you’ve definitely done the 3 rare ones listed below as well as all the explosives then try Mile High Club on recruit and just farm all the weapons you come across. Like every other achievement in the game your progress toward this carries across between playthroughs and mission select and a kill will still count if you quit out of the mission immediately after.

    There are 3 weapons that are rare and only attainable at specific points in the game though...

    • Desert Eagle - This is only dropped by one particular enemy during the Crew Expendable mission. In the first room with cargo containers in and the raised walkways on the right and left (same room as the second intel) an enemy will shout as he jumps out at you from inside or behind one of the containers. He will have the Desert Eagle. For more information see the “Desert Storm” achievement which involves getting 5 kills with it.
    • M16A4 - This one can only be found during the War Pig mission. Some of your allies will have it equipped so when any of them are killed check which gun they dropped.
    • M60E4 - This is only dropped by one particular enemy right at the end of the Game Over mission during the closing moments of the game. After you crash then climb up from the crumbled section of the bridge an enemy truck will drive toward you before reversing back up the road. The soldier that jumps out from the passenger side will drop the M60E4 when you kill him so run and grab it and use it on one of the other enemies while you have the chance.

    Here is the full list of weapons in the game that you need to use…


    • Desert Eagle
    • M1911
    • M9
    • USP45


    • AK-74u
    • Mini-Uzi
    • MP5
    • P90
    • Scorpion

    Assault Rifles:

    • AK-47
    • G3
    • G36C
    • M16A4
    • M4A1


    • M249 SAW
    • M60E4
    • RPD


    • M1014
    • W1200

    Sniper Rifles:

    • Dragunov
    • M21
    • R700


    • GP-25 Grenade Launcher (possible attachment for the AK-47)
    • Javelin
    • M203 Grenade Launcher (possible attachment for the M4A1)
    • RPG-7
    • FIM-92 Stinger


    • C4
    • Claymore
    • Frag Grenade

    I need to test out whether both the grenade launchers are required or just one. If anyone knows for sure please let me know. For now you might as well grab a kill with both of them. An AK-47 with a grenade launcher can be found on the big weapons table in the first building you enter during Charlie Don't Surf, as well as in many other locations.

    Here is a video courtesy of Brian at PS4Trophies showing the location of the 3 rare weapons we discussed above...

  • Destroy 8 enemy helicopters in 'Heat'.

    Mission: Heat

    There will be eight enemy helicopters during the Heat mission and you need to destroy all of them.

    The first five will spawn in front of you while you’re manning the mini-gun in the downed chopper. Start firing as soon as you see them to ensure you have time to destroy all five. They go down easily once they get close enough. Keep your eye on the heat gauge on the right of the screen though because if you overheat the choppers could fly off before the mini-gun is ready to fire again, so shoot in bursts.

    The final three choppers will arrive behind you as you’re running toward the barn to grab the Javelin. On the way to the barn there will be three RPGs propped up against the fence in the middle of the field. Grab all three (pick up one then make sure the other two are added as ammo) then turn around and run a bit closer to the three choppers that are preparing to drop off their reinforcements. If you fire from too far away the rockets will likely miss. Shoot them from left to right to ensure you can get all three before any fly off because that’s the order in which they arrived and thus the order in which they leave too. If you don't yet have “Bird on the Ground” you'll earn it here.

  • Find the Desert Eagle in 'Crew Expendable' and kill 5 enemies with it.

    Mission: Crew Expendable

    You can find this in the first of the large rooms with the raised walkways on the right and left and the cargo containers dotted around. As you make your way around the area a specific enemy will eventually shout as he jumps out at you from inside or behind one of the containers. There are several potential spawn points. When you see him kill him and he’ll drop the Desert Eagle. This is the only place you can find the weapon so make sure to get 5 kills with it for the achievement.

  • Complete any level using only the knife to kill enemies.

    Suggested Mission: Crew Expendable

    You should pair this with the "Retro Shooter" achievement by making sure not to reload during the mission either, which should come naturally if you're only using your melee attack. The easiest mission to complete using only your knife (melee) is Crew Expendable. It’s nice and short and your allies will take care of a lot of the enemies for you. Of course choose recruit difficulty to make it nice and simple, and make sure to get “Three of a Kind” while you're at it.

  • Find and use the hidden cache in 'Heat'.

    Mission: Heat

    Right near the start of the mission your squad will start crawling toward a fence ready to trigger some planted explosives. Turn around and enter the church behind you and climb the stairs up into the tower where you’ll find a load of RPGs. Stay in the tower and use the RPGs to help your squad kill all the approaching enemies. The achievement popped for me the moment I fired the last available rocket so I think you need to use them all up during the fight.

  • Kill all 4 tanks on the overpass with the Javelin missile in 'The Bog'.

    Mission: The Bog

    Part way into The Bog mission you’ll be fighting some enemies that are up on an overpass. You’ll be instructed over the radio to pick up the Javelin launcher which will show up as an objective marker on your radar at the bottom of the screen. It’s outside in the middle of the area on the floor. Four tanks will drive up the overpass toward you from the right side, you need to destroy all four. To take them out simply aim with and hover over one of the diamonds that represents a tank. You don’t need line of sight, you do however need room above you to fire the weapon once it’s locked on so you should stay outside for this (maybe ducking into cover to reload if you’re being shot at). You have plenty of time to take out all 4 if you get right on it when they first arrive.

  • Complete any level without reloading your weapon (excluding 'The Coup' and 'Aftermath').

    Suggested Mission: Crew Expendable

    You should pair this with “Master Ninja” because if you’re only killing with your knife you won’t need to reload anyway. The easiest mission to complete using only your knife (melee) is Crew Expendable. It’s nice and short and your allies will take care of a lot of the enemies for you. Of course choose recruit difficulty to make it nice and simple, and make sure to get “Three of a Kind” while you’re at it.

    See “Master Ninja” for a video guide.

  • Beat IW best time on the Ship Training course in 'F.N.G.' (15.1 sec).

    Mission: F.N.G.

    This may seem like an impossible time to beat when you first try the training course but with some practice and pointers it’s not that bad. I recommend watching the video as it’s easier to explain things like this when it’s along with a visual demonstration. Here are some extra pointers though..

    • A high accuracy will knock off a maximum of 3 seconds from your time at the end of the run, but you don’t need perfect accuracy. In the video I used the pistol after the first section to help with accuracy but you can use the MP5 SMG all the way (which you may find easier) and still get the full 3 second bonus.
    • Turn up your sensitivity a little because the default setting causes it to take a while to move your aim between targets while aiming down sight.
    • Although I didn’t do this during the video a lot of people run to the right at the start and line up the first 2 targets so they can shoot through both of them.
    • To save time, be sure to press to start the flashbang throwing process before you get to the door you need to throw it through because it takes a couple of seconds for the animation to play out.
    • When you throw the final flashbang move backwards out of the door leading to the end while you wait for the flashbang to explode and shoot the final 2 targets through the wall as you edge backward toward the finish. You can even run out for a split second while the flashbang is going off then turn and shoot the targets. And shooting them through the wall is probably easier with the MP5 despite the fact that I used the pistol in the video.

  • Alert the enemy helicopter in 'All Ghillied Up' and take it down.

    Mission: All Ghillied Up

    When you get to the church near the start of the mission, pick up a Stinger from the ground floor and head out the back to spawn a chopper which will fly over the church toward you. Have your Stinger aimed and ready and fire as soon as you’re locked on. Then run straight back into the church and grab another launcher but run out the front door this time. Be quick about it because the helicopter will begin levelling the church if you’re in it. Get ready to attain a lock on the chopper as soon as you see it again and the second missile will destroy it. If you're going for “Ghillies in the Mist” remember to reload the checkpoint after earning the achievement and go through this section again without alerting the chopper.

  • Kill at least 3 rappelling enemies in a single rope.

    Choppers will fly in during some missions to drop off reinforcements that rappel down from the helicopter on ropes. There are two methods you can use to earn this achievement…

    Suggested Mission: One Shot, One Kill

    You can use this first and easiest method during any level in which helicopters drop off reinforcements but the very last section of One Shot, One Kill is one of the opportunities that comes to mind because 3 choppers fly in at once after you’ve defended against the first wave of enemies. No-one else will be around when the choppers arrive. They all hover close to your position so simply run up to one of them and shoot the enemies off the rope as they appear. One bullet is enough for each enemy as that will cause them to fall and die. There will be plenty to be able to get the 3 you need for the achievement.

    Suggested Mission: War Pig

    The other option is to shoot down a chopper with a launcher such as an RPG while there are three or more enemies attached to the ropes hanging from it. At the start of the War Pig mission there is a bus ahead of you. If you fight your way to it nice and quickly you can pick up the RPG that’s propped up against the other side of the bus in time to destroy the helicopter that arrives and hovers just above you. Fire the rocket when there are a few enemies coming down the ropes and you should pop Reinforcements Denied as well as “Bird on the Ground.”

    Here is a video guide for the second method...

  • Kill 20 enemies with explosives in a single level.

    Suggested Mission: Shock and Awe

    Explosives include launchers such as RPGs etc and throwable explosives such as C4 and grenades. The weapons you use while in the AC-130 don’t count for the achievement but the grenade launcher you’re manning on the chopper at the start of the Shock and Awe mission does. So take out as many enemies on the ground as you can during this flying section.

    When you land you’ll have an M4A1 with an attached grenade launcher that you can equip by pressing left on the d-pad. Use this to finish up the remaining kills you need. Remember to aim at the ground or a wall near the enemy rather than the enemy themselves. And keep your distance from them or the grenade won’t have enough time to prime itself in mid-air. If for some reason you still don’t have the achievement after using your ten grenade launcher shells and any throwable grenades you have available then there is one last section in the chopper with a few enemies you can kill if you look carefully.


  • Kill 20 attack dogs with a knife.

    Suggested Mission: One Shot, One Kill

    There are a number of missions in the game with attack dogs so you can try and kill any you come across with your knife. There’s a nice easy place to farm the rest though when you get to the One Shot, One Kill mission. After escaping the building you took the shot from you’ll either kill or run past a load of enemies and enter a building. When you hop through a window a dog will bark and jump up against the wire fence to your left. You can farm this dog uninterrupted for the achievement. You can’t knife it through the fence but you can climb back through the window and wait for it because it’ll run around after you. Time your melee so it hits the dog as it jumps at you. If you miss keep trying and reload the checkpoint after each kill. If you don’t yet have the "Down Boy Down" achievement then let the dog jump on you and pin you to the floor once during this farming run and hit the button when prompted to.


Secret achievements

  • Kill Makarov and complete your mission

    Mission: One Shot, One Kill

    I don’t want to spoil anything for those of you who haven’t played Modern Warfare 2 & 3 but this achievement ties in with events during those games.

    Right at the start of this mission you’ll be tasked with sniping Zakhaev. When he arrives look past him and there will be a row of three cars lined up behind each other. The car on the left has Makarov sat in the front seat. For this achievement you must snipe Zakhaev as planned but also kill Makarov. Zoom in with the left analog stick and wait it out for a while until you notice the flags on the vehicles droop indicating that the wind has died down. When that happens it will be much easier to hit the two targets. Hit Zakhaev first then snipe Makarov in the car to screw with the spacetime continuum!

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