Union Jack Achievement

  • Union Jack



    Complete the British missions.

    See Old Glory for more info on what you must do. This achievement will unlock at the end of the mission "Assault the Tirpitz".
  • does anyone have tips for surviving the Navy Ship Misson?
  • go very slow and use a machine gun. once you go back outside kill the two guys on the top of the ship then go around to the left and make your way through the rest of the ship
  • This has to be the worst checkpoints ever in COD game`s,this mission so far has taken me more than 5 hours in total on veteran,incredibly frustrating game
  • finally did the bridge ride in the back of the truck,stupid veteran piss poor checkpoints
  • bloody hell i thought the truck ride was hard,this battleship is rally a killer,this is pure luck this game,tried to figure out where im dying so i could go another way but each time a hidden kraut keeps popping up
  • finally completed,only realised it had to be comp-leted at 100% to captains cabin,bloody hell veteran is hard
  • The "ship" was by far one of the most annoying things I have EVER done for an achievement. Even worse than the truck ride #5 talked about.
  • I dont like this game :(

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