War Hero Achievement

  • War Hero



    Complete the game on the hardest difficulty.

    Like every Call of Duty to come after it, you must beat the game on Veteran. Refer to the road map for several tips on the campaign overall.

    Nevander has written a fairly comprehensive walkthrough for the game, which can be found HERE.
  • Found this one easier than what people says, but still frustrating!
  • I'm at the bridge on the British missions trying to destroy the tanks :-{ I just keep dying !!
  • If anyone knows a sure fire method to get this that actually works, let me know. You literally have to get cheezy to get this one fellas.. I have every Cod game on veteran under my belt except for this one.
  • Pain in the .....
  • where you destroy the tanks at the bridge in the british missions i did this by using the springfield rifle, hiding in the bunker...a lot of crouching inside it, and using auto aim to shoot the guys in the background, hope it helps.
  • This game is fucking ridiculous. I have to kill about 30 people and traverse half the level before it gives me a fucking checkpoint. The AI all has fucking Robocop cops skills and the minute I step out half of my life is gone. And god forbid they give you a health pack during the level.... And who the fuck can infiltrate a German bunker filled with at least 50-60 soldiers by themselves? If you're gonna make a bullshit game, at least make it believeable. This is the last COD game I ever waste my money on.
  • @6 ...seriously?
  • tough as hell and you dont get checkpoints if your health is low i had to do many levels few to no checkpoints at all by far the toughest cod on vet
  • I like the newer COD games because of their health system. It really does make it a hell of a lot easier when your life regenerates, but that's what makes this COD so realistic. I still manage to find it loads of fun (even though it took me 2 days to complete american campaign on veteran, when it usually takes me 2 days to complete the whole thing!).
  • Definitely not looking forward to tackling this achievement soon...or at least attempting it. :P
  • Man, i started this one, and ill go back to it but it pissed me off.
  • I truly think this is the first time I've wanted to really just strangle someone over an achievement. not even lost planet's extreme mode was giving me this much grief. well just made it to Stalingrad. baby steps till the end.
  • really? even worse than WaW?
  • Oh god infiltrating the German Boat! I never had such a hard time in a call of duty game just to finish it! Every other one yeah it's hard but not close to impossible with this game!
  • Took longer than expected (about 15-18 hrs) but got there in the end. Truck Ride was by far the most frustrating as the final car before the end took me out as soon as it came into view. Spent one night failing over & over, nxt morning got it first pop. Great game thoroughly enjoyed!!
  • @6 I found that the checkpoints were sufficient on most levels but on a few they were a bit sparse i.e. the V2 Rocket level. I did this about 2 days ago. Downloaded it ages ago, breezed through the American missions, most of the British ones were quite easy (apart from Pegasus Bridge), got to the warship one and just gave up. I joined the army but dropped out a little way into training but didn't have my xbox for about 8 months, got it back, tried it again and did it within about 10 tries. Russian missions are simple 'til you get to Pavlov's house which is hard until you take you house and you can just hide. The rest is easy until rocket which is absolutely nails and very harsh on checkpoints. Once you knock that out though Berlin is easy so you're home free. Sometimes it just takes a brea
  • **Did two months in the Army and THEN didn't have my xbox for a further 8 months. (Goes without saying I didn't have it in training!)
  • I'm upto the airfield part where you shoot the planes and the dudes on the roof get me everytime. For the checkpoints i think if you have more than half your health left it gives you them more often.
  • I have beaten all COD games on veteran but this one is beyond ridiculous to beat on veteran.. They should of made this a 100g achievement. /:
  • this is the hardest COD game on veteran
  • Just decided to give it a go after a long cooling off period and am finding the mission (pegasus bridge, one of the hardest in the game) remarkably manageable. Has this been patched?
  • Finally got this, thats every cod done on vet gives me chance to coll off before black ops 2 comes out after this one made me want to pull my face off
  • Can you stop on Veteran part=way through, go back for the other achievements and finish on Easy, then complete the non-vet ones at a later date to pop this? Can anyone verify that please?
  • todays veteran is classics greenhorn.
  • #24 No it isn't stop trying to act like a badass it does the opposite
  • @ 25 I agree, haha. Anyways this achievement sure is a challenge to beat. Gonna take me forever to beat.
  • The wording could be better, do I need every mission on veteran or just the final mission on veteran?
  • god dam checkpoints,this ship level 2nd part is so frustrating,keep making it to the captains cabin shot the guys outside making my way back down and then get killed,but keep starting from the beginning again,driving me nuts
  • Yahoo yippee kei aa finished the most frustrating game ever,talk about checkpoints galore,how about stuff all,now to play call of duty 2
  • I hope someday I can go back and get this damn achievement..
  • I've got this trophy on the PS3 and I'm ready to get the achievement on the Xbox360 again.
  • hardest cod ever! the veteran campaigns of the other titles are nothing compared to this one...
  • Played the demo,didnt like it. The AI is beyond stupid,hell COD 2s AI was better by far,that says something. My AI runs past the enymies then I get shot down,I think ok area cleared,I get shot down then Then I have to get past halfway to the otherside of the level again cause the checkpoints SUCK. Did this 5 times and said fuck this game,demo deleted. Would rather spend 1200 points elsewere. Cant wait to beat COD 2 on Vet soon,just got it,then time to move on to COD 3 and MW1 :) Then thats it for the last of the Hard CODs for me,beat [email protected] twice on Vet.
  • Worst. Campaign. Ever. Going through an entire level with no checkpoint? BS.
  • By far, bar none, the hardest COD on veteran. You are truly a shooter legend if you can pull this off. I'm in the Dam right now and I just can't get through it, 2 shots with a KAR98 and you're dead even with full health. It's fucking insane. I seem to play for a day or two, then get so pissed off that I don't touch it again for 6 months and then try again. As someone else said.....baby steps.
  • the game was not that difficult, dam, ship and pavlov were legit hard but other than that not so bad. I think CoD3, WaW, CoD2 and CoD4 were all alot more difficult. None the less proud to say I not completed all Call of Duty games on Vet
  • Need to beat this and CoD 3 on vet to have them all beaten on veteran. This will be a tough slog.
  • Really not to hard, Follow guide and let your guys do most of the killing, As long as your in cover just do the quick scope/auto aim shots...I thought this one would be hard but...Breezing thru it like its on easy. Pretty lame thou no heals.
  • For the one who didn't bought this game, dont buy it! this game is only frustrating, because of its fails... epic fails.
  • I look forward to slaying this dragon.
  • Quick tip, if you lie down behind cover and barely look over the corner to see/shoot the enemies, they can't shoot you.
  • Can you restart a mission and still get the achievement? Like, say, I need more health, so I just go to the main menu and select "Restart Mission"?

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