Survivor Achievement

  • Survivor



    Complete a mission without dying or loading a checkpoint.

    Pathfinder on Recruit again, is the easiest mission to do this on. Take your time and try not to get shot if possible. If you start to take a lot of damage, look around for Med Kits and other health recovery items. The enemies you kill will usually drop a med kit, which should heal you for 25 health. Let your teammates lead to reduce the risk of dying even more. If play through carefully, you can easily nab this and the Pea Shooter achievement.
  • Sounds tough.
  • It's not! Do it on first American mission on Greenhorn of Regular.
  • In regular it's one of easiest achiev.
  • Note that if you start, but do not finish a level you need to completely restart the level in order to get this. For instance, if you quit at the beginning of a level and you resume from that spot the next day you will not be able to get the achievement for that level. Not too difficult otherwise, just play Pathfinder from beginning to end and don't die.
  • played through it twice throuroughtly and didnt get it
  • yeah is this now bugged? I played through Pathfinder level without dying, got Peashooter but not this
  • U was not able to get this or peashooter. So I got survivor on the next mission.

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