- Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10
- Offline: 870 
- Online: 130 
- Approximate time: 30+ Hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 2 minimum
- Glitched achievements: None
- Cheats: None

Before you start out your going to need to play through the game at least two times; One on any skill to unlock the "Very Hard' difficulty and a second time to get the hardest difficulty. Something else you may want to do to get some of the online achievements out the way is boost online, if your not to interested in boosting achievements you can play games of manhunt which will earn you the most money.

On a more interesting note there are two stories to follow in the game with each brother, you can either do one difficulty run with Thomas and then the other with Ray. These achievements are simple enough but they can also make the game a little more interesting as you don't have to take the same route in every level.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
While you start out you have no choice over which brother you play as on the first two levels so just play along as the game tells you to. Before you start out though you have a choice of if you start the game on easy, medium or hard. If you want to get the most of the achievements out of the way on the first run through, play the game on hard. Then once you unlock very hard mode you will be a little accustomed to the skill level required. If your not so into playing through on hard either select easy or medium and then do your second playthrough on very hard to unlock all the difficulty related achievements.

There are a fair amount of collectables to find, but as long as you follow the collectables guide you shouldn't have any issues finding them.

Collectables Guide.

Side Quests:
There are six side quests to complete in the game. Three are in chapter six and three in chapter eight. You can bypass these but they will earn you two achievements, you can also use these side quests to earn easy money.

Misc Objectives:
Through the game you will be faced with objectives on certain levels, these are straight forward but the D-Day achievement can be a real pain. In the middle of the map where you have to shoot the rafts there is a large boulder, an invisible raft will spawn behind this towards the end which will cause you to loose out on the achievement if your not paying attention. Keep a close eye on all parts of the map and watch the videos for the locations.

Weapon/Kill Based:
There are are a few achievements for using certain weapons to get 250 kills, you don't need to worry to much about these as you will either get them in the campaign, or through ranked online play, as both settings will unlock the achievements. If there is a level where you find you get a lot of kills you can keep reloading a checkpoint and collecting kills until the achievement unlocks.

Online Play:
This is where your going to be spending most of your time earning achievements, one big part of the online play is earning $200,000 and $1 million for the money achievements, on the way to these you will also need to unlock classes and play a few rounds on wild west legends. These are all pretty straight forward but a little time consuming depending on how good at the game you are. If you want to earn money fast while playing kill as many people as you can and save your wallet money. The more money you save the more you will have to go towards your money achievements.

Working towards the class ranks is probably going to take you far more time as you need to keep your bounty high to get a good pay off at the end of each game. The higher your bounty the more money you will have to spend on new players.

1st Playthrough:

  • Easy, Medium or Hard, your choice, once completed will unlock very hard mode.
  • Complete all Misc Objectives.
  • Complete the six side quests.
  • Complete all misc kills/ weapons based kills. This can be done online also.
  • Pick up all collectables.

2nd Playthrough:

  • Finish off all other difficulties and collect very hard difficulty achievements.
  • Collect other kills and weapon based kills if needed.

All the single player achievements are straight forward but you will need to play through at least 2 times to earn the majority of the achievements. Online play may take a while but can easier be done within a few matches boosting.

[XBA would like to thank Fizzmatix for this Roadmap]

Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Achievement Guide

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There are 47 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Blow up 10 chickens with dynamite.

    Once you get to Mexico select Ray from the character select screen, if your pick Thomas you won't be able to use dynamite. There are chickens all over the place so once you spot them use the dynamite. You will have this achievement pretty soon after you blow up the first set of chickens. This can be done on any level there just seems to be a lot of chickens on the later chapters.

  • Unlock all classes (ranked only).

    There are a variety of classes ranging from high end soldiers to indians, they all vary in strengths and weaknesses. Some of these will already be unlocked as they are basic characters. Play and earn money from your bounty and unlock all the classes.

    • Gunslinger
    • Miner
    • Rilfeman
    • Sniper
    • Native
    • Scout - $10,000
    • Trapper - $15,000
    • Gunsmith - $20,000
    • Hombre - $40,000
    • Spy - $45,000
    • Officer - $50,000
    • Duelist - 70,000
    • Veteran - $75000

    If you would like a head start enter this code: 735S653J on the main menu to unlock:

    • Gold Weapons*
    • Silver Weapons
    • $40,000**

    * You will be given gold weapons for the first 2 chapters of your single player campaign.

    ** This money will not be added to the achievements, it only provides you will a little extra money to unlock a few classes to play with online.

  • Kill 4 enemies between 12:00 p.m. and 12:15 p.m. (local time, ranked play counts).


    Kill any enemy online or offline between 12pm and 12:15pm on your local time, as long as you kill 4 people between this time the achievement will unlock. You can load up any chapter and quickly make your way to a group of enemies.

  • Buy 20 second level and 10 third level upgrades (ranked only).

    While playing online you will earn money from killing other players and completing objectives. The more money you have in your wallet the more you can spend on weapon/class upgrades.

    You will be notified on screen when you are able to upgrade from a bronze star to a silver or gold star depending on how much money you have. Each match you play your class will be downgraded to a bronze star and you will have to work your way up each time.

    To upgrade your guns you need to hit to enter the classes menu then hit to upgrade the weapons and stats of the class you have selected.

    Upgrade 20 weapons to silver stars, it doesn't matter which ones just 20 in total. Then upgrade to a gold star if you earn enough money. Just keep doing this until the achievement unlocks.

  • Kill a total of 5 enemies while horseback (ranked play counts).


    This can be unlocked in online ranked play or offline, your more likely to earn this offline as by the time you get to kill someone in ranked play they would have shot you off your horse unless your quick. Load up chapter 6 and play any of the side quests, stay on your horse and kill 5 people.

  • Kill 10 enemies as an invincible wanted (ranked only).

    While playing Wanted you will become the wanted player either from killing a wanted player or through random selection. Once you do become wanted you will become invincible for 10 seconds, go on a killing rampage and kill as many people as you can before the timer runs out, once you hit 10 the achievement is yours.

    This achievement stacks so you don't need to kill 10 people in one go.

  • Finish a full Wild West Legends game (ranked only).

    Join in on any Wild West Legends game and complete it either win or lose on both sides. You will need to play as the attacker or the defender then play the revenge match also, if you quit out before completing the revenge match the achievement wont unlock.

  • Win 5 rounds as an Outlaw (ranked only).

    While playing any round and any game mode win as an outlaw, you will know from the information on the screen if your an outlaw but if your not sure your team will be wearing a red uniform and have 2 red guns in the top right corner of your screen.

  • Win 5 rounds as a Lawman (ranked only).

    Same as "Crime Does Pay" but instead you will need to win 5 rounds of any game mode as a lawman. Again, you will know which side you are from by your teams blue uniform or from the lawman badge in the top right of the screen.

  • Play a full Wild West Legends game on every level (both match and revenge match count; ranked only).

    Host a game of Wild West Legends and complete play on both sides as the attackers, and as the defenders on the following maps. You are not required to host but this will allow you to select all the maps you want to play on without missing any out. You must play through to the end win or loose.

    • Nogales
    • Stinking Springs
    • Burnside's Bridge
    • Magnificent
    • Frisco
    • Tombstone
    • Coffeyville
  • Deliver 99 headshots (ranked play counts).


    Most enemies stand out of cover, using the rifle aim for the head and score an easy kill. This can be done in ranked play also, just keep aiming for the head and this will unlock soon enough.

  • Play a full game with each class (ranked only).

    Join in on any gametype and complete the game using that class, even if you don't play well with the class just take part until you have completed the game then select another class for your next game. You must also play the revenge level as the selected class otherwise this will not count.. This will follow after you unlock "Magnificent Thirteen".

  • Collect a total of $1 000 000 (ranked play counts) to unlock golden weapons in multiplayer.

    Far more time consuming than the $200,000 achievement, your going to have to put some serious time into ranked games before this unlocks.

    The game modes vary a lot depending on what you are playing, it will be eaier to find people to boost this with unless your looking to play this game online for a while.

    Achievement Trading Thread
    1 Mill Discussion Thread

    If you want to boost this achievement please view the following link for additional information.

    Easy Boosting

    Your overall money earned from each round is earned from kills and completing objectives like winning wild west legends, or planting dynamite etc. Don't worry about dying to much just score as many kills as you can and try to be on the winning team.

  • Finish the game on at least easy difficulty.


    Difficulty Related, complete the game on Easy to unlock, See "Old West Legend".

  • Finish the game on at least medium difficulty.


    Difficulty Related, complete the game on Medium to unlock, See "Old West Legend".

  • Finish the game on hard difficulty.


    Difficulty Related, complete the game on Hard to unlock, See "Old West Legend".

  • Act I



    Complete Act I.

    This is a story related achievement, keep playing to unlock.

    These achievements will unlock when you have completed the corresponding chapters for each act, there are roughly 4 chapters to each act.

  • Act II



    Complete Act II.

    This is a story related achievement, keep playing to unlock.

  • Complete Act III.

    This is a story related achievement, keep playing to unlock.

  • Act IV



    Complete Act IV.

    This is a story related achievement, keep playing to unlock.

  • Finish every chapter playing as Ray.

    Every time you start a chapter you will be given the choice of playing as either Ray or Thomas. Hit the to select Ray.

  • Finish every chapter playing as Thomas.

    Same as Ray's achievement but instead play each chapter as Thomas. Hit the to select Thomas on the character select screen.

  • D-Day



    On chapter I, destroy all rafts before they land.

    At the end of the first chapter you will need to use a Canon to fend off the troops as they make their way across the river. Aim higher than the rafts, roughly about an inch or so above to compensate the arch of the cannonball.

    Just before your finishing killing the waves of rafts there will be a raft that appears behind the rock in the middle of the shore. Don't forget about this raft or the rafts that come from the far left of the screen. If you have soldiers running up the bank towards you restart from the last checkpoint.

    If your having a hard time with this increase your controllers sensitivity from the options menu.

  • Mayhem



    On chapter III, kill 20 armed enemies while riding the stagecoach.

    You will steal a stagecoach fairy soon in Chapter III, once your on the run kill 20 different people while you are running from the enemy. This might take a few attempts if your not to good at shooting while on the move. If your a quick aim you should be able to pick off everyone before you leave the town, if not you can get this achievement while being chased out of town.

  • On chapter IX, on the lift, destroy everything that is thrown at you.

    Once you enter the lift look directly up and shoot all the barrels that are thrown at you, playing as Ray will give you twice the amount of shots but this can also be completed with Thomas.

  • On chapter XII, playing as Thomas, use only bow throughout the whole level.

    Once you start this chapter pick Thomas from the start and switch straight to the bow, use only the bow, do not pick up other weapons and don't change to another weapon just to be safe. You will be ordered to use the gatling gun, ignore this order and just keep using the bow to kill the soldiers.

    Just take you time and hold up behind the tepees, as long as your in range it's a 1 shot kill, just watch out for the sticks of dynamite.

  • Collect all secrets.


    These are scattered around all over the place, you will find them in trunks, boxes, coffins, bookcases etc, follow the following guide and you shouldn't have any problem. Just make sure you have them all before progressing to the next level. The collectables counter at the end of the level will not give you the correct amount so check it from the achievements status menu rather than the end of level stats.

  • Finish one side quest.

    You will find your first first side quest on Chapter 6, look for the wanted posters on the side of the gun store and accept a quest and simply complete it.

    See "Shield of Hope"

  • Finish all side quests.

    There are a total of 6 different side quests to do, you can't miss them as they are part of the chapter, you can bypass them but there quite easy quests. There are three quests on chapter 6 and three on Chapter 8. They are in a open world style exploration so you will soon know when your able to do them.

    Just complete each side quest on both chapters and the achievement will unlock once you complete the last one.

    Side Quests:
    Chapter 6: Retrieve Stolen Property.
    Chapter 6: Eliminate Ramos and his gang.
    Chapter 6: Retrieve stolen cattle.

    Chapter 8: Protect the railroad workers.
    Chapter 8: Eliminate Jim Peters and his gang.
    Chapter 8: Get to Freeman's farm.

  • Kill 7 people during one concentration mode.

    In the top right of your screen you will see a revolver chamber which slowly fills up as you kill your enemies. Once your chamber is full press and select your targets with the right stick as Ray or hold down the and move the around if playing as Thomas.

    You can either try and pull this off on the first chapter where you have to blow up the rafts or like in the video below at the end of Chapter VII. This will take more than one try so good luck.

  • Kill all enemies in a single Cooperative Concentration Mode.

    Once you enter the mansion on chapter 2 Ray will tell you to go out onto the balcony and shoot the captors from behind. As soon as you swing over and stand where indicated you will go into concentration mode. Kill the enemies before Ray does and the achievem

  • Finish any chapter, except for VI and VIII, without getting severely wounded.

    Load up a chapter on easy and make it through without the high damage animation playing on the screen. You will notice when you have taken to much damage as the screen with be flashing red with animated blood dripping down the screen.

    You should be able to get this on chapter 3, by the end of the chapter this should unlock as long as you don't stand out of cover. Take your time, don't worry about being killed in the co-op concentration parts as you will instantly die rather than have to go through the severely wounded animation. Do this on casual as your less likely to get extremely hurt, you can't earn this achievement on chapter 6 or 8 as you can just bypass everything in the level.

  • Shoot 2 enemy dynamite sticks in mid air.

    Towards the end of chapter 7 you will have to take part in a standoff outside a saloon, enemies show up on the rooftops and shoot down at you. Every once in a while you will have a few sticks of dynamite thrown at you, just keep an eye out for a black silhouette in the sky while looking up towards the enemies. Using the double barrel shotgun makes them easy to shoot due to it's wide shot radius.

    This can be done on any chapter but some may find it easyist to complete here. Having the enemies high up allows you to see the dynamite far easier than on some earlier levels.

  • Shoot an enemy through a wall.

    You can earn this when you first encounter the gatling gun. Just to the right you will see a broken wagon which the soldiers hide behind. Keep shooting around this area and at the wagon, if there is a soldier hiding behind it you will shoot them through the cover and earn yourself the achievement.

  • Kill 5 enemies with a chair.

    You will come across chairs through most chapters, just pick one up by walking up to and hitting , use the chair as you would any other weapon and kill 5 enemies, you need to do this with 5 different chairs but it can be earned on almost any level.

    Mexico is an easy level to earn this on as you will come to an alleyway which you have to fight about 8 people. before you enter there are loads of chairs and tables in the area you start at just after the sharpshooters. Just keep picking up the chairs and running down the alley killing off enemies and returning to collect another chair.

  • Kill 250 People using pistols (ranked play counts).


    Kill 250 people using the Pistols, see "Forgiveth Me, Lord"

    Online kills count towards this achievement.

    • Quickshooter
    • Ranger
    • Hybred Pistol
    • Volcano Gun
    • Ladies Gun
  • Kill 250 People using rifles (ranked play counts).


    Kill 250 people using the rifle, see "Forgiveth Me, Lord"

    Online kills count towards this achievement.

    • Classic Rifle
    • Heavy Scoped Rifle
    • Scoped Rifle
  • Kill 250 People using shotguns (ranked play counts).

    Kill 250 people using the shotgun, see "Forgiveth Me, Lord"

    Online kills count towards this achievement.

    • Double Barrel Shotgun
    • Sawed-off Shotgun
  • Kill 2000 enemies (ranked play counts).


    All kills while playing the single player and ranked multiplayer count towards this achievement. You will most likely get most of these kills in the single player before you enter an online match. Depending on what ammo you pick up and what gun you have handy you can also earn the above achievements with 250 kills with each weapon type.

    You can reply any mission to earn your kills, also reloading checkpoints count, if you want to earn this quickly keep reloading the checkpoint before the rafts, you will earn about 60+ kills every time you complete this part.

  • On chapter XI, kill all the Indians during canoe chase.

    Once you have drained the river and stolen the artifact your looking for you will be confronted by a large group of angry indians. Fight your way past them to the canoe, once on the run there will be 2 canoes on your left side and 2 following you from behind, kill all the indians, there are 3 indians per canoe.

  • On chapter IV, playing as Ray, kill sharpshooters without Thomas' help.

    After exiting an alleyway you will see a building with 4 sharpshooters on the roof, play through the Chapter as Ray and shoot them all before Thomas can kill them.

  • On chapter IV, playing as Thomas, kill sharpshooters in 10 seconds.

    Similar to "Sharpshooter Distraction" but play as Thomas, kill all the sharpshooters within 10 seconds, you will need to build up concentration before you get to this part, just before there are plenty of people to kill so you shouldn't have any problems earning it. Once you have gone past the cut scene run out into plain view and go straight into concentration by pressing and kill each sharpshooter.

  • On chapter II, in the field, kill enemy soldiers using knives without being detected.

    Once you progress into chapter II you will need to hide in a field. You will start the game with throwing knifes, don't waste them, once you are told to hide in the field kill each soldier with a throwing knives. You need to kill each soldier silently without being detected, if you can't find the soldiers switch to your rifle as it has a greater range, you should be able to pinpoint where the soldiers are in the field allowing you to creep up on them and kill them with the knifes.

  • On chapter II, don't kill the cow.

    At the start of chapter II you will have to enter a barn with your brother, as soon as you open the door a cow will charge at you. Don't shoot the cow and carry on until the next checkpoint. The achievement will unlock once you exit the barn.

  • Kill a total of 30 enemies with movable gatling.

     You can only wield the moveable gatling gun as Ray, load the last chapter of the game and directly to your left there will be a soldier walking slowly with the gatling gun, kill him straight away and then use the gatling gun on the other soldiers coming at you.

    Release the checkpoint and keep repeating this until the achievement unlocks, you should get about 6-8 kills every time you do this.

  • Collect a total of $200 000 (ranked play counts) to unlock silver weapons in multiplayer.

    This is counted from your lifetime earnings online and offline. Any money you collect in the campaign will be added up with the money you earn online in ranked play. It takes quite a while to earn large amounts of money unless your good at ranked games.

    See "Goldrush!"

  • Finish the game on very hard difficulty.


    Like most games the hardest difficulty can be a challenge for some but not others.

    I recommend that you run through the game on easy or medium if your not as confident as other users. if your up for more of a challenge and want to complete more achievements in one go run through on hard mode. This really depends on your skill level but most people will benefit from running through on the easier skills.

    You will need to complete the game at least 1 time on any difficulty to unlock "very hard" mode, this mode will test you and probably cause some players a headache due to a few levels which can be very harsh to battle through.

    Tips for Very Hard mode:

    Before you even start out on this mode you need to know a few things, the AI will and are ready to shoot you as soon as you pop out from cover. They will also make attempts to shoot at you while your in cover and will successfully hit you causing minimal damage. No matter where you hide or what you do to avoid this there doesn't seem to be a way around it.

    • Make effective use of cover
    • Take note of where your enemies are while popping in and out of cover as then you can aim towards where they are faster than just hoping to hit a few soldiers each time.
    • Use concentration mode as much as possible, if you have it use it.
    • Sharpshooters wont give you a chance, know where they are and kill them before they can start shooting you.
    • No where is safe, you are probably going to need to move around while in cover a lot, just be careful and if you make a dash for a different cover spot do it with caution.
    • The AI will stand out of cover a lot so take advantage of this and shoot them as soon as possible. On the harder skills this could be the one thing that makes the final run through a little easier.

    These achievements are stackable.

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