Bad guy Achievement in Call of Juarez: The Cartel

  • Bad guy



    Kill at least 40 enemies during Gang Bang mission.

  • How to unlock Bad guy

    The “Gang Bang Mission” is Chapter 2. Reloading checkpoints will not work for this achievement. However there are more than 40 enemies available to kill. If your AI partners kill and enemy it wont count towards your 40 kills. So show no mercy!

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  • This is a easy achievement. In the gang bang mission all you have to do is kill as many gang members as you see. I got it towards the middle of the mission.
  • Plenty of people to kill in this level, i got it about half way through
  • The description is wrong. I killed 35 and died. Next gangsta I killed, my counter showed 1/40. Bu the time I hit 5, the achievement popped for me. Whether or not its glitchy I can't say for sure. But nice 20g bonus bone the less.

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