-Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
-Offline: 44 (885)
-Online: 6 (115)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 15-20 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3 playthroughs(1 for each character)
-Missable Achievements: 2 (Clean Shot, Level 21)
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: Yes
-Glitched achievements: None
-Required materials: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats

Welcome to my roadmap for Call Of Juarez: Cartel. This time around the franchise has decided to take a different approach to the game by bringing it into a modern setting. The game offers a nice change of pace from the previous games and some entertaining gameplay. The games achievements are fairly easy and won't pose much of a challenge for any achievement veteran.

Playthrough 1:
During this playthrough you will be "trying" for all but 4 of the campaign achievements. I will list below which ones you should concentrate on to get them out of the way early. Please refer to the achievement on how to obtain them. Chapter related achievements you can grab on this playthrough if you wish. Please refer to the achievement guide on how to obtain them and in which chapters they are in.Also during this playthrough your going to be getting the Level 21 achievement. While completing this achievement you will also earn Magpie, None of their business, Dirty Cop and Amourer. To get this achievement you need collect the ITEMS and do the AGENDAS. These earn you XP which in turn unlock weapons which are needed to unlock the achievement.

You will need to find at least 90% of these. Make sure you do every AGENDA because these return a nice amount of XP. If you follow the guide you should unlock the achievement at the end of Chapter 14. You only need to do this for 1 character and make sure you pay attention to the guide because this is a missable achievement.

Playthrough 2:
Use this playthrough to earn the "Clean Shot" achievement (If you didn't get it on your 1st) you can restart checkpoints if you kill any civilians by accident. Just take your time to line up shots and be extra careful when you team breach doors.

Also use this playthrough to wipe up any achievements you may have missed on your first playthrough by using the restart cheackpoint feature or using the chapter select function from the Campaign menu. Again please refer to the achievement guide for any assistance with these.

Note: Remember to pick one of the other 2 characters for this playthrough.

Playthrough 3:
This will be your last playthrough and will be solely used for getting the achievement "Do you feel lucky, Punk?" & cleaning up any achievements if you happened to miss any. Don't forget to pick the 3rd and final character.

Hard mode isn't that hard at all and won't pose a challenge for the seasoned FPS player but to make it even easier you can use a glitch which will make you invincible. Please refer to the achievement guide on how to do this glitch.

Multiplayer & Co-op:
Nothing hard here, the multiplayer achievements can actually be earned by yourself in a private match. Just set the game to private, instant start and just cycle through the 4 maps to earn the achievements.

Co-op achievements are fairly simple but require 3 live players/friends. All of them can be earned on the first chapter although you will have to play it once or twice for the Spy Vs Spy achievement or you can all just leave the game area and the game will restart from the last checkpoint. Please use this thread HERE to look for Co-op partners.

By now you should have all the achievements on the game and another 1K under your achievement belt. Not a very hard 1000 by any means and also pretty enjoyable.


[x360a would like to thank Genesis x360a for this road map]

Call of Juarez: The Cartel Achievement Guide

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There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Destroy 5 helicopters. (Campaign)

    The first appearance of a helicopter than can be destroyed, is at the end of Chapter 1. Simply reload the checkpoint upon destroying the helicopter if desired. This is not exactly needed, as there are 4 appearances of helicopters through the campaign, and you’ll be playing the game a total of 3 times.

  • Kill at least 10 enemies with a weapon melee attack.

    Clicking the  while holding a weapon will perform a melee attack. The enemies die with one melee attack. Making this quickly obtained.

  • Kill at least 3 enemies in a row while being severely wounded.

    This can be obtained as early as the first three enemies you encounter on Chapter 1. When severely wounded your screen will nearly be filled with a red border, during this time kill three enemies. If attempt fails, simply reload the checkpoint.

  • Kill at least 40 enemies during Gang Bang mission.

    The “Gang Bang Mission” is Chapter 2. Reloading checkpoints will not work for this achievement. However there are more than 40 enemies available to kill. If your AI partners kill and enemy it wont count towards your 40 kills. So show no mercy!

  • Successfully finish two Secret Agendas.

    Secret agenda’s will become available in the form of a cell phone. Each character has different secret agendas on every chapter, excluding chapter 1. Upon getting close to an available secret agenda, an icon will be displayed on your screen. Upon approaching the secret agenda a message will be displayed telling you to not be seen while performing the task. Ensure your AI or Co-op partners aren’t watching you. Once complete, you can either reload you checkpoint and repeat or just wait until the next levels secret agenda. (If playing co-op there is no reload checkpoint option, so someone will have to run out of the levels boundaries, or all players must go down).

  • Alamo!



    Enter 10 rooms using Team Entry.

    Team entries are located in nearly every mission. There will be a hologram image to the left and right of an entry point. Breach the door, and credit towards the 10 will be given. There are enough in one playthrough so reloading the checkpoint is not needed.

  • Don’t kill any of the civilians on the marketplace during Juan’s chase.

    The “Juan Chase” level is Chapter 14, and the marketplace is after after the short driving section after passing the train.After exiting the car, you will fight your way through some alley ways. You will be in a "Cantina" (a BAR) right before you enter the market place. After exiting the BAR/CANTINA you will run up a hill and enter through a wooden door on the right side of a wooden fence. This is the marketplace. Here there are food vendors and such in an open area. Simply run through this area avoiding enemy conflict. If you really want to kill enemies ensure it’s with a melee, thus no stray bullets clip an unsuspecting civilian.

    ...and here is a vid!!!!


  • Kill 10 enemies using grenades.

    Grenades are thrown with the LB, and can be collected off dead enemies.

  • Kill at least 20 enemies by exploding nearby vehicles.

    Shooting an enemy vehicle will cause it to explode and consequently will kill any nearby enemies. There are many sections in the game that this can be obtained. The first good spot to grind if desired, would be on Chapter 2 after exiting the house and making your way back to the parking lot where you started the level. When entering this area, there will be a good amount of enemies near cars, making this an ideal location. If desired reload checkpoint and repeat.

  • Kill at least 3 enemies between 12.00-12.05 local time.

    This must be done between 12-12:05 pm, in real time. Either plan this ahead so you can unlock your achievement online or simply play offline and set the time from your dashboards console settings, to 11:59 am (thus giving you enough time to boot and load up a chapter). Then launch the game still offline, quickly load up a level and get three kills. The achievement tracks and will pop immediately upon your third kill.

  • SloMo



    Kill at least 4 enemies during a single Concentration Mode.

    Concentration mode is built up by killing enemies, and activated by pressing left on the D-Pad. If playing in online co-op, your AI partners will need to be near you to activate. Simply kill four enemies after activating concentration mode.

  • In a three-player co-op game, make sure everyone scores at least one kill during Team Entry.

    While in a three-player co-op game during a team entry “Breach” each player must score a kill. However in earlier levels there will only be two breach spots, thus making the man in the middle not get the achievement. The player in the middle will still need to get a kill during the team entry, but will not get the cheevo. So after the fist two players get their cheevo, have everyone get downed or leave the levels boundary to reset the checkpoint.

    **After the title update, this has been fixed. This can be obtained with only two breach spots and as early as chapter one.**

  • Use 10 different weapons to kill enemies.

    Score one kill with 10 different weapons. Enemies drop various weapons, and more than ten weapons are unlocked fairly early on during campaign.

  • Go through cemetery in less than 3 minutes.

    The cemetery is located at the beginning of Chapter 13. Simply rush through as quickly as possible avoiding enemies, as needed (assuming you’re on easy). You will get three checkpoints while running through the cemetery so if you get turned around simply reload the checkpoint. The cemetery is very small, and only made up of three sections. Really three minutes is very generous, it’s possible to run through this section in around 1.5 minutes or less.

    ...and here is a vid!!!


  • In cooperative mode, prevent 10 attempts of picking up secret items.

    Secret items appear on the individual players screen as an eyeball symbol. Simply talk with your teammates and when one teammate is about to pick up their secret item; have the other player(s) watching them. If playing in 3 player co-op both players can watch one attempt to pick up an item, and both will be given credit towards preventing a pick up. Most levels have between 4-6 secret items, for each individual character.

  • Peeper



    On the Disco level, watch dancers for at least 30 seconds.

    The “Disco Level” is Chapter 8. After going to the second floor of the club, there will be a room with a dancer on a table, and two gentlemen sitting on the couches in there. Simply watch the dancer do her thing for 30 seconds.

  • Play through one entire mission with two other live players.

    In three-player co-op finish one level from start to finish. Players must be invited from the in game lobby. Which is located before each level actually starts; this is where you choose your weapon loadouts.

  • Shoot over 1000 bullets during the Ghost Town level.

    The “Ghost Town” level is Chapter 9 starts off in a small shack if your playing as Ben or Eddie, where an arms dealer will have you testing out different weapons. Simply pick up a weapon and start unloading bullets. There is infinite ammo pickups located in this area. The game tracks every 200 bullets fired. If playing as Kim you start off on a rooftop, and the only weapon available is a sniper rifle, that only holds 5 bullets...So Don't do this with Kim...

    ...and here a the vid!!!


  • Drive any type of a vehicle for more than 20 miles total.

    Should not be missed, as there is enough forced driving if playing the single player campaign to obtain this before the end of your first play through.

  • During highway chase on Disco level successfully avoid all rockets.

    The “Disco Level” is Chapter 8. This wont be obtainable until near the levels end when you are chasing the enemy vehicle on the highway. After entering the highway, hug the left side to avoid the helicopters rockets. When close to then enemy vehicle the passenger in the will shoot RPG’s at you. Before the enemy does so, he will aim at you with a red laser sight. Making this easily telegraphed. It’s easiest to just keep your distance, if enough distance is kept the enemy wont even shoot a single RPG. Eventually the enemy vehicle will break down on the side of the highway, approach the vehicle and a cut scene will start. If the achievement does not pop here, immediately press start and quit to the main menu. Select continue to attempt again as needed.

  • Finish the downhill car chase on Plantation level without damaging car too much.

    The “Plantation Level” is Chapter 1. This achievement is for the second driving section. Upon entering the vehicle, carefully exit the forest and get on the road. Slightly further down and enemy vehicle will start shooting at you. Also you will be given a checkpoint around the same time. What I did was reload this checkpoint, and drive in reverse for a brief moment allowing the enemy vehicle to get ahead of me where his bullets would no longer hit my vehicle. After crossing two bridges an enemy vehicle will pull in front of the road, here you will turn right and crash through a gated fence. Follow the on screen white markers. Upon reaching the tree that’s blocking your path, the achievement will unlock. DO NOT get out of your car if it doesn’t unlock here, if this happens simply reload your checkpoint. When I did this my Windshield had cracks, but was not completely shattered.


  • In cooperative mode, revive wounded players 5 times.

    In co-op campaign when a teammate goes down, a message will appear saying “xxx” has been severely wounded. Simply approach your partner and hold “X” to perform a revive. To get credit you must perform the revive fully without going down your self.

  • Magpie



    Collect at least 75% of secret items on any level, without being caught.

    Secret Items will appear on the screen as “eyeball” icons. Simply grab 75% is any one level without being seen, and the achievement unlocks during the level upon collecting the item that puts you over the 75% mark. Theses secret items are very visible, as they appear on your screen without being directly near them. Thus making them very obvious.

  • Successfully pick up 15 secret items.


    Simply collect 15 secret items. On chapter 2, as each of the characters, there is 3-4 items in the first house entered. Grab these, and then reload checkpoint if desired. Alternatively there are between 4-6 on most levels so grabbing 15 will come very shortly.

  • Unlock at least 10 new weapons in the campaign mode.

    See “Level 21 Achievement.

  • Play at least one full round on all maps in competitive mode.

    There are only 4 maps, in the multiplayer mode. Simply set up a Custom match set the game to instant start, that way you don’t need any other to join to launch the game, and set it to Team Death Match. The match will be 5 minutes, play out all 4 maps and the achievement is yours.

  • Win at least one game in competitive mode.

    Set up a custom match setting the game to instant start, and the game mode to missions. Pick any map, and defend for 5 minutes, then when on offense do your objectives. Even in a custom match with no other players you can unlock this achievement.

  • Unlock all weapons in the campaign mode.

    Weapons unlock through natural story progression up to Chapter 15. As well as from gaining experience. EXP is gained from collecting secret items, and performing secret agendas. The last weapon based on exp is unlocked at level 20. (Despite the cheevo name of level 21) You must get one character up to this level, because the level exp does not carry over from character to the next. Even though all the weapons you unlocked do.
    ****You must level up one character to level 21 in one playthrough, you cannot simply load and replay a level, to gain extra EXP.****

  • Complete the game playing as Ben McCall.

    Complete all 15 chapters as Ben.

  • Complete the game playing as Kim Evans.

    Complete all 15 chapters as Kim.

  • Complete the campaign mode playing all 3 different characters.

    Upon completing the game 3x, once with each character this achievement will unlock.

  • Complete the game playing as Eddie Guerra.

    Complete all 15 chapters as Eddie.

  • Finish the first level.

    Story related and cannot be missed!

  • Complete the campaign mode without killing any civilian.

    I recommend this for one of your EASY playthroughs, hence allowing more time for clean shots in the areas that civilians are present. Myself on Chapter 8 ran over a civilian right as it auto saved. I reloaded the checkpoint and still got the achievement, upon completion of the playthrough. Your AI or co-op partners may kill a civilian but don’t worry as this wont count against you.

    ***If you do happen to kill a civilian, you can either reload the checkpoint. Or just replay the chapter later. This cheevo is cumulative between all characters and playthroughs. So If you killed a civilian on chapter 2 with Eddie for example but no other civilians on any other levels, upon replaying that level with Eddie again or even a different character on a completely different playthrough for that matter the cheevo will pop after finishing said level with no civilian deaths.***

    Credit: xxGODZ SNIPERxx

  • Kill 50 enemies while having Concentration Mode active.

    Build up concentration mode by getting kills, and activate it by pressing left on the D-Pad. This can be grinded out if a concentration mode is saved up until reaching a checkpoint, then activating and killing the enemies. Then reload checkpoint and repeat. However is not needed as you will be using this option very often during your playthroughs.

  • Disable 20 enemies with your bare fists.

    The first instance where this becomes available is on Chapter 2. After entering the house there will be several enemies to kill. Simply click the RS to punch the enemies. This can only be obtained when you don’t have a weapon in your hand. Only certain sections in various levels offer this option. If desired you can enter said house on chapter 2, kill the enemies and then reload checkpoint and repeat.

  • While riding in a car, shoot 50 enemies.

    For this to count you must be in the passenger seat. Lean out the window by pressing the left stick in the left or right dependent on which seat you’re sitting in. Shooting enemies through the windows of cars will count. In single player this can be obtained easily on Chapter 6 in the section where you’re with “Jess Stone” and you’re being driven around. You will be being chased by numerous enemies in vehicles, upon getting on the train tracks, reload your checkpoint and repeat above.

  • Heat



    Destroy 20 cars.

    Shoot a car until it blows up, this will come naturally while working towards other achievements. There are many good opportunities for this, where reloading checkpoints would benefit. However not needed as there are way more than 20 car available to blow up during the game.

  • Kill 30 enemies by using the Team Cover technique.

    The first instance of this is on Chapter 1. After blowing up the third section of drugs, you will approach a log cabin. Then the game will explain the team cover technique. You will see a holographic character representation next to cover. Get up to the second or third piece of cover and kill the enemies on the porch of the house. If you have grenades available you can hit them from the second cover spot. Either way get the kills from the cover location, and reload your checkpoint and repeat above.

  • Kill 100 enemies using revolvers.

    Revolvers are the old fashioned 6 shooter pistols. Simply choose one of these weapons from your load out if available, or grab one from a dead enemy. Revolvers will be on enemies as early as Chapter 1.

  • Complete the campaign mode on hard difficulty.

    Hard mode is available right from the start. Before starting your hard play, make sure to set your game difficulty to hard before actually beginning the game. Do not change the difficulty during your playthrough, as it will auto save as soon as you exit the options menu after changing the difficulty. 

    Hard mode is relatively easy. You will get killed quickly; however the AI is retarded and rarely will rush at you. Also there are numerous parts where you can just rush past all the enemies, and get checkpoints. If playing single player just take cover when needed, and run when ever available. If playing co-op, you will be able to revive downed teammates. I played this in single player and ran through Hard in roughly 5 hours. 

    ***In co-op one player can Host the game set to EASY difficulty, while the other player(s) can be set to HARD difficulty. The enemies will still down the person on EASY quicker than they would get downed compared to single player on EASY, however this will make HARD mode significantly easier for the other player(s) since the player on EASY will be doing the majority of the work.***

  • Kill at least 10 enemies by ramming them with a vehicle.

    As simple as it sounds, kill 10 enemies by running them over in your vehicle. There are numerous places where you will have opportunities to do this.

  • Kill 20 enemies using dual-wielded firearms.

    To dual-wield your pistols, hold the RB. Now you will be holding a pistol in each hand. Simply snag 20 kills with dual-wielded firearms and your good to go!

  • Kill 50 enemies with headshots.

    Easiest achieved during Concentration mode, or when performing team entries, as obvious as it is, just aim for the enemies head.


Secret achievements

  • Find Ladder Goat movie on the Fort level.

    This is found on chapter 12. After you leave the tunnels you end up inside a building fighting enemies in a small yard area.

    Go up the steps and through the double doors, and then turn the corner on your right and you'll find a slope. When you're at the top of the slope you'll see a tree at the top left next to the building, the 'Ladder Goat Movie' is found next to the bush/tree on the ground. 

    Credit for text and picture go to DubNut86


  • Successfully manage to pass the train on Juan Chase level.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

  • Witness ship destruction on the Docks level.

    Story related and cannot be missed (as long as in single player) Chapter 4 is the docks, the achievement unlocks after the large chain of explosions occurs when killing enemies from behind a fenced off area.

  • Successfully drive off the highway on Convoy level.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

  • Cross U.S.–Mexican border.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

  • Enter the Ghost Town.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

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