A Family Heirloom Achievement in Call of the Sea

  • A Family Heirloom



    Complete the Prologue.

  • How to unlock A Family Heirloom

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Here is a walkthrough of this chapter, including all miscellaneous achievements, notes, logs, and murals.

    Swim forward on the linear path until you're back on the boat. Once in control, turn right and pick up the ticket on the stand next to the bed (Log 1/2). Head over to the desk against the back wall, and take your gloves.in the middle and the diary on the left side of the desk. Pick up the receipt on the right side of the desk (Note 1/2). Open the case with the code 506. Inside the case, pick up the picture on the left, rotate it, and take the key on the back (Note 2/2). Take the picture on the right (Log 2/2) and the dagger in the middle. Head to the door and interact with the handle to exit and finish the prologue.

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