The Everhart Expedition Achievement in Call of the Sea

  • The Everhart Expedition



    Complete Chapter 2.

  • How to unlock The Everhart Expedition

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Here is a walkthrough of this chapter, including all miscellaneous achievements, notes, logs, and murals.

    Follow the path until you get to a little village. Head to the house ahead on the right. Interact with the tiki totem to the right of the steps (Note 1/16).  Look up above the steps and interact with the shield (Note 2/16). Head to the left house and interact with the tiki totem to the left of the steps (Note 3/16).  Head up the steps and interact with the note inside the box on the right (Log 1/7). Leave this hut down the steps and go to the hut off to the right. Interact with the tiki totem outside of it (Note 4/16). Look up above the steps and interact with the shield (Note 5/16). In this hut, as soon as you enter, interact with the diary page on the table in front of you (Log 2/7). 

    Leave the hut and make a sharp left to go towards two huts tucked in a little area. In front of the one on the right is another tiki totem to interact with (Note 6/16). Between the two huts is a grave. Interact with the tombstone (Log 3/7). Head inside the hut on the right, go to the back of it, then turn around so you can see the back of the tombstone. Interact with the coat of arms on the back of it (Note 7/16). 

    Leave this area and head across and straight ahead to a path that leads uphill to two more huts. Enter the closest one and go to the table in the back on the right. Assemble the simple jigsaw puzzle (Note 8/16), then interact with the coat of arms to the left (Note 9/16). Cross the wooden planks to the second hut and go to the telescope on the opposite side and interact with the view port (Log 4/7). Now head back across the boards to the first hut, and go to the totem puzzle pillar in the middle and interact with it. You have all the clues in your journal to solve it, but a picture of the solution is below. Input the solution (Note 10/16).

    After solving it, the wall behind it will open. Head inside (you need to interact with the opening to enter) and turn left toward the green and purple armor. Look on the floor behind it to see a photo on the floor. Interact with this photo to unlock Weekend at Walakea's (20G). Interact with the square stone piece on the table on the right to pick it up (Note 11/16). Leave these huts, go back down the hill, turn right, and head to the big stone structure in the back. Interact with the opening in the floor to place the square stone piece in it, then interact with the stone on the wall to ride the elevator to the top.

    Turn right and head inside the medical tent (with the red cross logo). Open the case on the table on the left and interact with both notes (Log 5/7), then interact with the pictures on the back table (Log 6/7). Leave, and go clockwise around the big opening in the center until you can interact with the top of the ladder to climb down into the pit. Go through the doorway and interact with the mural on the right (Mural 1/2) and the mural on the left wall (Mural 2/2), then interact with the three pages on the bench on the left (Log 7/7). Exit out the other side to the wooden bridge. Pull the lever on the left to lower the bridge, cross it, and go up the ladder. You're back at the two huts on top of the hill. Head down the hill back to the strone elevator, which is still up all the way. Get close enough so you can interact with the graffiti that says "RAW FURY" on the elevator, unlocking Fawning Developers (25G). Go back to the pit you were in (the quickest way is probably to lower the elevator, take it back up, then take the ladder back down).

    Go around the wall of the pit interacting with the "eyes" on the walls until you get three flashes on screen total (Notes 12, 13, and 14/16). Now leave across the wooden bridge and up the ladder back to the two huts on the hill, going to the second one across the boards, and interact with the case on the table in the middle to open up and activate the lens-making equipment. You need to use analog-left.png to choose between the sliders and the buttons, and you need to use analog-right.png to move the sliders to change where the red dot is, and then button-a.png to press the buttons to make the spots bigger or smaller. Unfortunately the puzzle goes off screen as soon as it is solved, so here is a screenshot from my journal of the completed lens. You just need to replicate the three eye patterns on the lens (Note 15/16). 

    Place the lens in the telescope to get a star map (Note 16/16). Head out of the huts, back down the ladder, across the wooden bridge, and into the pit. Right as you get to the doorway into the pit, look at the star button on the floor by your left foot. You'll see it's a golden color rather than whiter like the other ones. This gold star button corresponds to the black spot on the star map you got from the telescope. Press the buttons in order from the black spot to the white spot on your map to solve the puzzle and raise the podium in the center, then press the button on top of the podium to finish the chapter.

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  • Use this guide at true achievements as it will show you how to do the lens puzzle. Also this guide on Xbox achievements has incorrect stuff listed

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