The Vanishing of the Lady Shannon Achievement in Call of the Sea

  • The Vanishing of the Lady Shannon



    Complete Chapter 3.

  • How to unlock The Vanishing of the Lady Shannon

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Here is a walkthrough of this chapter, including all miscellaneous achievements, notes, logs, and murals.

    Swim ahead and follow the path to the glowing orbs until you get a cutscene and end up on a beach. Head along the beach until you get to the first wrecked boat on your left, and look out to the sea (Log 1/14). Go past this boat to the upside down wrecked boat on your left just ahead and look at it (Log 2/14). Now head inside the large destroyed ship (Log 3/14). Make an immediate left turn and go around the back of the crates on your left when you enter and look on the floor to see a recorder. Interact with it and let it play until the end to unlock The Lady Shannon Recording (25G). I tried to take a screenshot of where this is, since it's tough to spot. The white dot in the center is my cursor and the white dot on the bottom is the recorder to interact with.

    Head to the back of the ship and up the ladder. Make a left across the catwalk when you can to get to breaker switches. From left to right, pull the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and then 1st handles, then pull the handle on the box to your left. Head back across the catwalk and pull the handle on this box on the wall in front of you too. Turn left and go into the hallway, into a room on the left. Interact with all the notes in here and listen to the recording, and you should get a log (Log 4/14). Leave the room, go back down the ladder, and as soon as you exit the ship, there is another box on the left, to pull its handle. Now the power is on at the camp ahead of you. Head into the camp (Log 5/14). Head to the covered area in the back left where all the crates are. In the one crate is a can you can interact with, unlocking Marsh Cannery (20G). The screenshot below shows where this is. My cursor in the center is on the crate that has the can inside.

    Just to the right of this crate is another box on the ground, leaning up against some barrels. Pull the handle on it to send power on further. Go across the camp, ignoring the opening on the left that the game just pointed you toward, and go to the tent across from you. The right side in the tent is where photographs are developed. Interact with the photos hanging above the table (Logs 6 and 7/14). Head on through the opening the game pointed you toward to find another tent in the distance. In it, on the right side of the table is a case. Open it and look at the note inside (Note 1/12) for a clue for the piano. To your left on the table is the piano. Interact with it to be able to use it, and then, from left to right, interact with: the 5th white key, the 2nd white key, the last black key, the last white key, the 6th white key. You'll hum a tune and then You looked that up in a guide! (25G) will unlock. Now interact with all of the keys indicated on the note you picked up (Notes 2-8/12). Back out and turn left to see a projector pointed at the wall. Look under the table with the projector to see a crumpled note, and interact with it (Log 8/14). Press the black button next to the projector to turn it on, then look on top of the projector to see two buttons. Press the right button over and over until you get to the end of the slideshow, which is a picture of a cartoon character. Walk up to the screen and interact with the picture to unlock Not Another Boring Slideshow! (25G). Now turn right and interact with the calendar on the wall (Note 9/12) and then interact with the two pages to your left on the table (Log 9/14).

    Leave the tent and go up the stairs next to the entrance to this area, taking them all the way to the top to find a mural you can interact with (Mural 1/1). Now head all the way back to the big destroyed ship, back up the ladder, down the catwalk, and into the room in the hallway. Straight ahead is a device with multiple knobs and such. Interact with the page to your right (not the one on the right side of the device, but the one you see when you turn to the right) (Log 10/14). Interact with the device with the knobs. There are three black knobs at the bottom you can turn. Turn all of them all the way to the left, then, for each one, tap analog-right.png right 4 times (each should be pointing approximately at the first big white line) and then press button-a.png on the button on the left. If done correctly, numbers above the knobs should light up and be added to your journal (Note 10/12).

    Leave the ship, and make a hard left, going behind the wrecked ship, to the left of the tents with all the crates. You'll come to some more tents. On your left will be an "improvised workshop" you'll comment on. Go to the second table, farther back, and read the paper on the table (Log 11/14). Turn around with your back to the tent and go up the stairs in front of you, making a left at the top, and you'll get to the tide puzzle platform (Log 12/14). Head right and go down the stairs all the way to the bottom, and interact with the symbols across the gap (Note 11/12) that show the correct tide level.

    Head all the way back to the back tent with the projector and piano. Go to the projector, and from the first slide (Tide Levels Measurements), progress 5 slides. You'll comment on finding the right one. Walk up to the slide on the wall and interact with it to add it to your journal (Note 12/12). Head all the way back up to the tide puzzle platform. As you head through the little tunnel to the platform, look to your right at the diamond symbol. Interact with it to open it (diamond and symbol on top, bottom open). Proceed to the puzzle platform. There is a big circular hole in the center, with a little podium in front of it. Interact with it twice (so the black circle is at the top and white circle is at the bottom). From the podium look off to the left to see two more diamonds on the wall. Make sure both are down (closed). Go down the nearby stairs (that led to the tide level symbols) and locate the diamond on the left halfway down the stairs. Interact with it to open it (it should go up). Go back up and to the other side of where the hole was in the center. The nearest diamond on this side, the one with two little diamonds side by side in the middle, needs to be open (up). The farther one needs to be down, and then go down the nearby stairs to find another diamond that needs to be down. Head back up to the little podium where the hole was, and while facing it, turn around to see a stone thing you can interact with to flip it over. Interact with it again, and if all diamonds are in the correct position, Seaside Serenade (25G) will unlock. Cross the platforms that come, take the elevator up, and open the box to read the note inside (Log 13/14). Go to the little pedestal and press the four buttons (order doesn't matter) and then the fifth one in the middle (Log 14/14). Walk down the platforms and straight ahead through the tunnel and through the now open doorway to end the chapter.


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