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  • Quite a Show



    Complete Chapter 4.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Here is a walkthrough of this chapter, including all miscellaneous achievements, notes, logs, and murals.

    Follow the path up the hill, ignoring the path off to the right, and continue up. Look at the structure on the right (Log 1) and then go to the structure on the left to get some dialogue as you're forced to look up at the top (Log 2). Right next to this tower with ladders is a little hut. Go inside and interact with the four pages on the table in front of you and the one page on the box on the right (Logs 3 and 4). Walking out of the hut, go left along the path, ignore the stairs on your right, and instead look at the grave on your left. Interact with the tombstone (Log 5).  Head to the end of the path to the workshop area with the turbine (Log 6). 

    Leave this area back along the path, and this time take the stairs up on your left. At the top of the steps, make an immediate hard left to see a gold mural with some buttons below it. Interact with the mural (Mural 1) (Note 1). Go the other way (as if you made a right at the top of the stairs, automatically getting a log (Log 7). Another mural is on your right to interact with (Mural 2) (Note 2) and then farther along this upper path is a third (Mural 3) (Note 3). Go down the steps at the end of this upper path, on the right. Make a left at the bottom of the steps and you'll get a log (Log 8) as you head towards the toppled mural at the end you can interact with (Mural 4) (Note 4). Turn around and head back the way you came, passing the steps on the right that you came down, and you'll see a huge mural on your right to interact with (Mural 5) (Log 9). Head back up to the top level where the first three murals were, and go to the center where it looks down into a lower area. Right in the middle is a "microphone" on a stand. Interact with it to test it and find it doesn't work. Turn right and interact with the crumbled paper on the case (Log 10), then interact with the recorder and listen to the recording. Go back to the microphone and mash button-a.png to interact over and over until you start singing, unlocking Soundcheck (25G). Walk straight ahead down the steps and look down to interact with the four white diamonds (Note 5), getting the clue to the diamond buttons under the murals around the area.

    Going in the same order we originally interacted with them, starting with the one at the top of the stairs where you made a hard left to see it, press the top diamond on it. Moving along the upper path to the next one, press the right diamond only. For the third one on the path, past the microphone, press the bottom diamond only. Go down the stairs to the right, making a left to the last mural, and press the top diamond (it's the top one from your perspective, but it would be the left if the mural was upright). This will cause a heavy vibration and complete the puzzle.

    Head to the turbine area at the end of the lower path by the waterfall, and you'll see the turbine wheel is turning, and there are three handles next to it. Go around to the backside of these handles to see one green button and three little wheels. Press the green button three times such that the hole in the left wheel is at the bottom. Run around to the front and pull the right handle, closest to the spinning wheel, to put that gear in place. Repeat this for each gear, in order from one end to the other, ensuring the hole is at the bottom before you pull the handle, to start up the turbine and activate the device at the left end of it. Interact with this end, and you'll see a circle of buttons, one of which is white and the rest are blue. The goal is to turn all of them white. Pressing one changes its color and the two on each side of it. With one white, there are six blue ones in a row, so with two button presses you can change them all white and complete the puzzle, turning on the lights (Note 6). Now go toward the two switches in the shed and turn them both on to turn on the power. Head back to the tower with ladders and go in the side hut. Turn on the power box on the wall in there, then go up the ladders and turn on the power up top.

    After the cutscene, you can press button-y.png to open your journal and unlock The Norahnomicon (25G). Follow the relatively linear path through the desert and up into the house. You need to interact with the doorway to enter. Once inside, head straight up the stairs and all the way to the room at the end of the hall where the fireplace is. On the left side of the fireplace is a blue picture you can interact with and rotate to read, which unlocks Greetings from Y'ha-nthlei! (20G). Turn arond and interact with the music box on the armchair, which unlocks 506 East Hampden Avenue (25G).

    Head up to the microphone and pull the handle on the power box to the right of it, then interact with the microphone to open the mountain door, then head inside (Log 11). After passing a little campsite on your right, there will be a series of five murals on the right side to interact with, one right after another (Murals 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10). Head into the little room, and on your right are two boxes. The back one has a page to interact with (Log 12). Interact with the purple podium to take the elevator up to the top (Log 13). At the top, interact with the four large murals around the room (Murals 11, 12, 13 and 14/14) (Notes 7, 8, 9 and 10). On the crate by itself by the end mural (not at the tent) is a paper to interact with (Log 14). Head over to the tent and interact with the page on the crate (Log 15), the letter on the sleeping bag (Log 16), the page on the crate next to the upright sack (Log 17), and then on the table, the document on the left (Log 18), the next page (Note 11), the third page (Note 12), and the fourth page (Note 13). Head farther left and interact with another document on a crate (Note 14). Head farther left to the stone done and interact with the broken bottle on the ground in front of it (Log 19), and then look up and interact with the panel on the stone door (Note 15). Lastly, look left on the wall to see symbols and one circled in white that you can interact with (Note 16). 

    Now to solve this puzzle, while facing the mountain door where the broken bottle is, the first wheel on your left press the button once (so the diamond is on the right side) and the farther left one doesn't need to be touched (diamond should be on top). From the mountain door to the right, both diamonds on that side should be on the bottom (press both buttons twice). The door will open when done correctly. Two screenshots are provided below to show the solutions.

    Head through the newly opened door, and on top of the steps interact with the page on the crate on your right (Log 20). Now interact with the drums. I'll refer to the drum on the left as 1, the middle as 2, and the right as 3. Start by interacting with the middle one to start the sequence and make purple shapes appear on the wall. Now interact with the following drums in these sets. At the end of each set, more purple will be revealed on the wall.

    1 3
    2 3 1
    1 2 1
    3 3 1 2
    1 3 3 2 2 2

    When done, a portal will assemble. Interact with the middle of it to end the chapter.

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