Sunken Achievement

  • Sunken



    Complete Chapter 5.

    Story-related; cannot be missed.

    Here is a walkthrough of this chapter, including all miscellaneous achievements, notes, logs, and murals.

    Swim forward and up (Log 1/10) to find a purple portal ring. Interact with the podium in it to teleport up to solid ground. Head forward to the next one and use it to teleport back underwater. Swim down to the opening in the wall surrounded by blue stones. Go under the opening to a panel you can interact with (Note 1/9). Press the button on the right side, wait a couple seconds, and then press the button on the left side. You want the fluid from both sides to meet in the middle at the same time, so it's just a matter of getting the timing right. Once successful, the hole above you will open. Go in and the current will take you to a new area. Swim up to the surface and you should see a portal you can use on rocks near the surface, teleporting you to solid ground. Head forward and down the steps into the village area (Log 2/10). 

    Go left first and go into the second tent. Interact with the well in the middle (Log 3/10). This is the first of seven you need to interact with for an achievement, so I will mark them (Well 1/7). Leave and go up the stone ramp to two more tents. Go into the second one and interact with the well (Well 2/7). Leave, go back down the ramp back to the stairs you came down and proceed past them. Go into the first tent on the left. Go to the little well in the back and interact with it (Well 3/7). Leave and continue the way you were going, ignoring the next tent on your left, and interact with the two big murals on the wall on your right (Murals 1 and 2/6) (Log 4/10). Head up the stone ramp and go into the tent and interact with the well inside (Well 4/7). Leave and go up the next stone ramp and into the tent right in front of you, and interact with the well inside (Well 5/7). As you exit the tent, you'll see another pillar with a button to press on it, ignoring it for now like the rest. Head back down the ramps, and when you get to the murals, facing them, turn left to go down a ramp to the lowest level, right at the water.

    When you get to the bottom you'll see a big pillar with hands painted on it. Interact with the orange hands right in front of you (Note 2/9), on the right side interact with the red hands (Note 3/9), on the left side interact with the light ones on the bottom (Note 4/9) and the purple symbols on top (Note 5/9). Now look across the gap to the other pillar and interact with the scratch marks on the back of the pillar (Note 6/9), giving you all five symbols on the pillar in your journal. Now we need to press the buttons in order from lowest to highest. The first one with the light hands is the pillar right at the base of the steps you used to enter this area. Press the button on that pillar. Now head to the very top of both stone ramps by the murals and press the button on this pillar (the orange hand symbols are inside the tent). Go down one ramp to the tent with the red hands, and press the button on that pillar. Go down the ramp past the murals and into the second tent on the right with the scratch marks on it and press the button on the pillar in that tent. Go past the stairs to the two tents across the stone walkway, and press the button on the back of the stone turtle on the right. This will lower the two big pillars all the way. Walk back down to the one you interacted with to get all the hand symbols, and press the button on the back of the turtle to lower the water level (Note 7/9) (Log 5/10).

    With the water level lowered, go to the purple portal across the walkway and use it to teleport underwater. Immediately after you teleport underwater, you'll see a little podium on the rock in front of and below you. Turn left, swim over the edge, and look straight down. You should see some bright orange coral below you. At the right angle, you should be able to see two sets of bright orange coral, so swim out a bit farther if need be. At the orange coral on the left is a tiara on a rock against the wall. I have provided three screenshots below to help guide you to this tiara. The first screenshot is from where you teleport, looking slightly left.

    The next is looking down, after swimming back a bit to be able to see both orange corals.

    Approach the left one, and the cursor in this screenshot is pointed right at the tiara.

    Interact with the tiara to unlock Underwater Royalty (20G). Turn around and as you swim into the underwater area, you'll see a big mural on the wall on the left to interact with (Mural 3/6) and another straight ahead at the opposite end of the area (Mural 4/6). Head back to the first mural, and while facing it, turn around so your back is to it. If you look straight ahead and down at the floor on the opposite wall, there are two black tents there, tough to spot at first. Swim down to them, and inside each one is a well to interact with (Wells 6 and 7/7). Assuming you interacted with all seven, you'll unlock Naacalvision (25G). As you exit the tents and swim towards the first mural, look left and you should see two statues sticking out of the sand with a bowl of pink stuff on the floor in front of them. There should be an interact point between the tops of the two statues (Log 6/10). 

    Swim back up to where you entered the area, where the podium is. There is a ring right in front of you, interact with the panel below it, and make sure the arrow is at the top, not the bottom. Complete the same minigame as before to open the current above you. Swim ahead to the next ring slightly below you, and this one is already open with the current in the correct direction. The next ring lower and to your left has the current in the wrong direction. Interact with the panel, flip the triangle at the bottom so it's up top, and complete the minigame to switch the current to the other direction. Swim back up to the podium and press the button of the left side, while you're facing the first current portal. Swim through all of the currents to the end, then swim up to the left, and follow the path to the end. Swim up to the surface to find a portal you can use to teleport to solid ground. Follow the path to get to the other turtle statue and press the button on top to lower the water level further. Turn around to leave, but take the path straight, not the one leading left back to the portal. This will take you to the podium you used before. Head through the tunnel next to it. Interact with the portal at the end to go underwater. Swim down to the current hole that's blowing the wrong way. Interact with the panel under it, flip the triangle to the top, and do the minigame to change the current to the right direction. Ride the long auto-scrolling section of current all the way to the end, at which point Dark Water Ride (25G) will unlock. Swim up and use the portal to get to solid ground.

    As you walk forward and get a bit of dialogue, you'll see a golden mural on your left (Mural 5/6). Go up the stairs next to it to the top to another mural (Mural 6/6). Go down the steps and up the steps and ladder across from you that the game pointed out to you. Aoproach the camp (Log 7/10) and then turn left up to all the stuff at the wall. Open the case on the left and read the letter (Log 8/10), then the page of symbols on the wall on the left (Note 8/9), interact with the map next to it (Log 9/10), and then interact with the three pages on the benches to your right (Log 10/10). Leave the camp back down the ladder and make a right at the bottom of the steps, taking the steps down to the podium. Interact with it (Note 9/9). This is a more complex version of the simple minigames you've been doing to change the current flow. Press the top button ,wait 2 seconds, press the right button, wait 2 seconds, press the bottom button, wait around 4 seconds, then press the left button. You may have to do a bit of trial and error with the timing, but that's the correct order. Once successful, a boat will arrive. Board it and ride it until the chapter ends.

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