The Amazing Adventures of Norah Everhart Achievement

  • The Amazing Adventures of Norah Everhart



    Find all the story logs.

    Story logs come from two sources: things obtained automatically when progressing the story, and things you can interact with that give you more information related to the story plot. There are a ton of story logs in the game, far too many to list out. However, each chapter's story achievement above contains a walkthrough of that chapter that includes all story logs, puzzle notes, and murals. If you follow along with each one, you'll unlock all achievements related to collectibles by the time you complete the game.

    If you miss any, from the chapter select screen you can view each chapter and it shows your percentage of story logs/notes collected, murals seen, and if you found the secret item in that chapter. You can use this coupled with the chapter walkthroughs above to mop up anything you may be missing.

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