Candid Photo Achievement

  • Candid Photo



    Candid Photo

    Chapter 6

    When you arrive at the puzzle behind the constellation door where you need to rotate statues and make platforms rise up out of the water, the goal here is to get to the alcove in the back left corner of the room. To do this, from the first podium you arrive at, press the left black button so the back left statue is pointed to the left and towards you; press the middle black button until the close middle statue is pointed towards you and off to the right; press the right black button until the statue on the far right is pointing left towards the middle statue. Press the gold button to raise the platforms.

    Walk across them to the right side to find another podium, one that controls the ice statues. Press the left black button once, then press the gold button to raise the white platforms. Head back to the first podium. Press the middle black button once so the middle statue is pointing towards you and off to the left, and press the gold button. You should now be able to walk ahead to the left, across the white platforms, and then across more black platforms and to the left onto the alcove platform. On the ground in the middle of the alcove is a photo. Interact with it to unlock this achievement.

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