Fawning Developers Achievement

  • Fawning Developers



    Fawning Developers

    Chapter 2

    After completing the pillar puzzle in the hut at the top of the hill, the wall will open behind it, you'll take the stone from the table behind the wall, and then bring that stone down to the large stone structure where the chapter starts. Place this stone in the floor to activate the elevator. Take the elevator to the top, then go around the pit opening and take the ladder into the pit. Head through the doorway to the wooden bridge, pulling the lever on the left to lower it. Go across and up the ladder. Go left down the path down the hill and back to the elevator, which should be at its top still. There will be graffiti on the elevator that says "RAW FURY." Get close and interact with the graffiti to unlock this achievement.
  • On chapter 2 after going into the pit and unlocking the shortcut, climb the ladder and go down the slope back to the elevator. interact with the logo on the lift rock face to unlock this achievement.

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