You looked that up in a guide! Achievement

  • You looked that up in a guide!



    You looked that up in a guide!

    Chapter 3

    After turning the power on everywhere, you'll be able to head to a tent in the back of the camp area, and there is a piano on the table in the tent. Interact with it, then interact with the following keys, from left to right: 5th white key, 2nd white key, last black key, last white key, 6th white key. If done correctly, Norah will hum the tune and then this achievement will unlock.
  • play the song from the music box on the keyboard and then back close the puzzle to unlock the achievement. The notes are:
    G (5th White Key (392)),
    D (2nd white key (294)),
    A# (5th Black key (466)),
    C (8th White Key (523)),
    A (6th White Key (440)).

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