Golden HouseKeeper Achievement

  • Golden HouseKeeper



    Collect all the stars in the Housekeeper levels

    There are 75 stars in Waspfish that you must collect for this achievement. Some of these levels can get daunting with the introduction of green knots and jellyfish that can eat your coins if you aren’t fast enough. If you need to know what the level requirements are, make sure to check the right side of the screen before dropping anchor. All coins are required for that star, but the other two requirements for knots (every time you stop and go again) and time are very lenient. Don’t forget that you can make multiple runs at each level and get the stars on separate runs. Use this to your advantage and the achievement will unlock once you’ve gotten them all. I had to make several reruns of the last few levels before I got the hang of them, and going for coins before trying a timed run saved me a lot of frustration.


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