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    Hit a Home Run with the 100mph fastball


    In the Tea Cup Court alley, you will find the mini game called Hitting Streak. This game requires you to hit a series of 10 baseballs that are pitched to you by the Monkey in various speeds and techniques.

    If you time your swing correctly you will hit the ball. Your technique and timing will determine whether you hit a single, double, triple or home run.

    To get this achievement, you have to perfectly hit a home run on the final ball which is delivered at 100MPH. The machine that fires the balls has countdown lights on it. A good technique to hit the 100MPH ball is to swing just after the final light illuminates. The 100MPH ball comes very quick and is rather hard to hit. Ultimately, it is more luck than judgment!


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  • Hiya everyone. I just got this achievement. When the 100mph ball comes up wait for the light to hit green then count 1 second in your head then swing. This should get you the home run. The 80 mph ones are about 1.5 seconds.
  • Hi EziosBladeZz Thanks for the tip - worked like a charm :o)
  • i got it first time too,thanks for the tip
  • I also counted 3 seconds for 35mph(using the 1 one thousand count), 2 for 50mph, and for 100mph I just listend for an extra "boop" in my head after hearing the "boop" from the green light >.>

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