Prize Frenzy Achievement in Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do

  • Prize Frenzy



    Win & Purchase all prizes


    How to unlock Prize Frenzy

    After playing each game and providing you post a score, you will earn a number of tickets. The amount of tickets will vary on the game itself and how you have scored in that game whether it be a certain number of points, or a position in a race for instance. You can spend these points in the shop to buy prizes such as outfits for your avatar.

    As well as winning tickets for reaching a certain target in each game, some games reward you with a prize. These can be relatively hard to get and require a certain amount of excursion however they are not impossible! The criteria for ticket amounts and winning a prize is shown before each relative event so you have your target to aim for.

    The shop can be accessed either from the main menu screen or following each game you are given the option to pick a new game, replay the previous game or visit the shop.

    In total you will need to accrue 6825 tickets to purchase all the buyable prizes. The rest are won in mini-games.


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