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    Go at least 17 rounds on Knockout Punch


    Knockout Punch is a min-game found in the Whirligig Way alley. It requires you to throw a series of punches and duck punches according to a pattern displayed on the robots mid rift. You score points for successfully completing the required move set and the mini game lasts 60 seconds.

    Be aware of your hands as you squat down to duck. The Sensor picks up hand movements as punches when you are moving and counts these as an incorrect move. After several attempts, my highest score was 18 rounds and that was pushing it! This seems to be pretty much the most physical achievement in the game in my opinion but it is not impossible.

    If you get a 'duck' instruction, you can punch on the way up and this will count as an action. This can save you valuable seconds!


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  • Any pointers on this one. I can seem to only make it to 12 rounds and I never get hit. I'm not slow on the swings.
  • Wondering myself as I did pretty good and got to 15!!
  • fucking hell this is hard! only got to round 14
  • this is impossible because the stupid sensor wont pick you up well enough
  • This requires both practice and a bit of luck. Practice swinging quickly and punching onthe way up from a duck. The luck comes from gettingthe quicker rounds, i.e. 1121's or 1212's as opposed to the nasty and time eating 1, duck, 2, duck, 1 rounds.
  • Fuck this achievement. It is way to tiring and stressful. And the kinects flaws glare out in this game with a shine.
  • This one was really fun for me. I guess it has to do with how well your Kinect works in your spacial environment. My only tip would be that you don't have to wait to throw the next punch. If you get 1121, you can blast those out as quickly as you can (do jabs, not swings) and it'll register 95% of the time.

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