Granny Skills Achievement

  • Granny Skills



    Make a basket with each object given in Granny Shot


    In the Tea Cup Court alley, there is a mini game called Granny Shot. This game required you to shoot objects that increase in size and weight, into a basket. There are 6 items in total and you get 3 attempts with each item. Simply score one basket (at least) with each item and the achievement will pop.


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  • Hello,anyone knows how to get the last ball in ?I can go only so low and so fast.
  • I can't seem to get any apart from the first one in. It doesn't seem to make sence.? I need help to
  • I can sink the first 3, the globe I cant even get up but half way to the hoop.
  • So how does this actually work? the first one seems to FLY! the rest don't seem to get off the ground. Is it speed or the angle you lift?
  • The best way to throw things is turn to your right side and bring your arms up. It seems to get almsot everything off the ground and near the basket. Hope this helps.
  • I actually just got this, what I did was sit on my knees, grab the ball with both hands and then put both hands on my floor, and raise up at a moderate pace, got it first try on all the objects including the cannon ball. Any questions feel free to ask, Sakic26
  • Its on teacup court
  • tried both techniques and still cant do it. any tips?
  • The first three are pretty simple, start by barely flicking your hands up no more than a couple of inches for the ping pong or golf ball. Then make a bigger faster motion each time. I have never made a basket with the earth though, but by bending down slightly then rapidly flinging my arms from belowmy waist to above head height it does reach the ring, but always seems to roll out or bounce wide. So just a bit of luck required! In short, start small to give yourself room to increase your speed and amount of movement with each object.
  • Finally got this. This game is full of random, luck based achievements. I did nothing different to my last 10 attempts, but this time the earth finally went in. Now if I could just stack those damn funnel cakes.......
  • I hate this achievement it is really hard to get.
  • It is hard and depends on 100% lucky so dont get nervous mats

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