Monkey Barker Achievement

  • Monkey Barker



    Purchase the Monkey Barker prize


    From the shop menu screen, hover over the Barker's Best shop. Once inside, hover over the Monkey to buy it. This will cost you 500 tickets that you will have to acquire from playing the mini-games. You can also choose to display this with your avatar.


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  • it cost 500 tickets ...easy to come by . shooting the basket game u get 25 tickets each time u make 20pts in 60 seconds (10 baskets) my 6 yr old did this that is how easy u can rack up tickets
  • Your method of getting cash worked fine. Use his method above.
  • my method spin the wheel every spin cost 25 but u can get at least 60 back in 1 game..easy..:_)
  • If you can do it right than the spin wheel is a good one.......we got I think it was 167 on one of our go's.
  • If you don't plan on getting the ridiculous "purchase/win all prizes" achievement, then you don't have to pay for this one or any other Barker prizes. Simply buy it, let the achievement and avatar pop at the "would you like to wear it now?" screen, and then exit to the dash. Achievements stay and tickets are not spent since it didn't save.

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