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    Don't miss once with all pitches in Golden Arm


    In the Tea Cup Court alley, you will find the Golden Arm mini game. This game requires you to pitch a baseball at a series of stacked milk bottles, in which there will be some that are gold. The idea in each of the rounds is to topple the stack of bottles making sure that the gold one(s) fall on each round. If the gold one(s) fall, you progress to the next stack. 6 balls, 6 stacks, clear them all and the achievement is yours.

    Before you throw, you will see the path at which the cross hair will take. Memorize this path and pick the point at which you think your throw will do the most damage to the pile. Just before the cross-hair moves to the bit you want to aim at, hurl your arm toward the screen and hopefully you'll take out the full stack.


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