Stack a Lack'n Achievement

  • Stack a Lack'n



    Stack 20 funnel cakes


    In the Coaster Corner alley, you will find the mini game called Funnel Cake Falls. This game requires you to catch cakes on a tray which are dropped from the top of the screen by the fairground monkey. The difficulty in this game comes as cakes that are flung can knock off cakes that have already been caught and stacks of cakes that are stacked wonky are prone to tumbling over.

    The achievement requires you to have 20 cakes on your tray at one single point. If you collect 19 and the next one knocks your pile over, you will have to start again. The tray is big enough to make 2 stacks but try to keep them as level and as uniform as possible.

    As the time ticks down, the frequency the monkey throws the pies increases. Resist the urge to rush from side to side to try and catch wayward pies as the momentum can also make the pies tumble off the tray.


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  • I love this Achievement one of my favourite games, "wide stance slow movements" only advice i can give you'all
  • This achievement is pretty f***ing annoying. I cannot get it.....
  • my only advice is in the beginning, try to stack 3 in a row on the bottom of the plate and work up on those 3 rows, if you can't get 3 rows, 2 rows of cakes work... and once it gets a little higher stack them in between the rows to keep them steady... slow movements are best..

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