The Ringer Achievement

  • The Ringer



    Get two rings on the same peg in Ring Fling


    In the Carousel Junction alley you will find the Ring Fling mini game. This requires you to toss rings onto pegs that are arranged in a square grid. You get 5 rings to toss and after each toss, the pegs on the outside of the square disappear, making the overall amount of pegs decrease.

    For the purposes of making sure your pegs don't disappear before you have a chance to get more than one ring on a peg, try to aim for for the center 4 pegs. The distance you throw depends on how harsh your throwing action is. After a few attempts you should begin to get the measure of how hard to throw.

    Try to keep your action as close to exactly the same as possible and eventually through luck rather than skill you should get it. I managed to get 3 on the same peg after about 7 or 8 throws and then didn't get another for about a dozen more after!

    The achievement pops during the mini-game once you land your second ring.


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  • I found this easier standing at an angle and throwing that way. try and repeat your first action as best you can. :)
  • I can not get this one.... this one, knockout punch and the wheel one are the hardest ones in the game for me to get... -_-...awful! Any other tips out there for this one?

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