Total Domination Achievement

  • Total Domination



    Get the rank of Dominator in Strength Test


    In the Whirligig Way alley you will find the Strength Test mini game. This requires you to hoist your arms above your head and bring them down when a marker hits a certain point on the screen. Doing so will make your avatar hit a hammer onto a pad sending a weight up to hit a bell. The closer to the marker you perform the downwards hammer action, the harder your avatar will hit the pad and the higher the weight will go. You must hit the marker dead on to reach the bell at the top.

    In total, there are three stages to the strength test. The speed at which the marker moves increases on each stage and not hitting the target exactly will cause you to not hit the bell and therefore not be able to progress to the next stage.

    You only get one chance to hit the marker and the speed the marker moves increases each time. Try to swing just before the marker reaches the center of the meter and you should get it. Over exaggerate your movements to make sure its picked up.

    For the Dominator rank, you have to have the moveable object hit the actual marker at the word Dominator not the bell (Cheers RomeFalls 86) which makes it that extra bit more difficult and infuriating!


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