Funky Monkey Achievement

  • Funky Monkey



    Finish Monkey See, Monkey Do with no bad poses


    In the Whirligig Way alley, you will find the mini game called Monkey See, Monkey Do. This game requires you to mimic a monkey's on screen poses. After copying each pose, you will be given a rating depending on how accurate and similar to the monkey's pose yours is.

    The first few times the monkey poses, he will only do one pose. After this he may do two poses between dancing and then finally three poses.

    Try to shift between poses as quickly as possible ensuring that your arms are bent the correct way and keep an eye on whether or not the monkey has one of his legs lifted up or not. I managed this on the first attempt, its not that difficult. Your poses have to be pretty bad to get a 'bad pose' rating.


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