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    Clear out the wheel in Wheel of Chance


    In the Coaster Corner alley you will find the Wheel of Chance. This mini game is purely luck based and allows you to win tickets to spend in the shop. The down side is that it costs you 25 tickets to play the game and there are instant fail pitfalls on the wheel.

    Initially on the wheel there is one instant fail skull, 7x1's, 4x5's, 3x10's, 2x20's and 1x100. Landing on one of these will reward you with that numbers total of tickets so for example landing on a 1 will net you 7 tickets, a 5 will net you 20 and so forth.

    The downside however, is that whichever number you land on will subsequently be transformed into the instant-kill skull icon thus increasing your chance of losing if you choose to spin again. This achievement is pretty much luck based however there is an element of odd-calculating to it to work out whether or not it's worth spinning again or cashing in your total and starting again.

    If you get the 100 on your first spin then there will only be 2 skulls on the wheel and still 16 numbers and therefore only a 2/18 chance of crapping out. If you then get the two 20's you'll have 4 skulls and 14 numbers therefor a 4/18 chance of crapping out. As you see with 3 sets left to clear you still have pretty high odds.

    If you clear the ones first, you have 8 skulls and only 10 numbers left so an 8/18 chance of crapping out and still 4 sets left to clear.

    Ultimately it is a game of luck however, you can still increase your chances slightly.. I think this is the one that will cause gamers the most stress on this game and leave a few on 800 for a long time!

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  • This is very hard I haven't got it yet but before the last part comes off you can turn your xbox to stop it saving and wasting tickets but you probably won't want to do that every few seconds. Just a pointer.
  • To keep from losing 25 tickets everytime, just pause it right before the end and then start over this gives you infinite tries per 25 tickets. Still haven't gotten it but this is the smartest way to do it.
  • I've played it like 10 times on the beginning and I couldn't clear it out, but after playing all the minigames I tryed it againd and I got it in four or five tryes...
  • got so mad with this one.....then left my 5yr old son playing granny shot. Came downstairs as he was playing this, and spining the wheel with just the ones left. I had just enough time to yell Nooooooo! Thinking he was gonna lose 190 tickets but the little bigger dropped it on a 1! 200G! Yaaaaay! Which also proves how random this game is. Good luck all.
  • Bugger not bigger! Spell fail.
  • @yidmanic lol i actually read it as bugger till i saw you corrected yourself. but yeah this one is turning into a right bastard for me.
  • There's an additional strategy you can use here that will improve your odds. The slowest spin (very slowly lowering your arm) will always move the wheel down 6 positions. The position of the numbers never changes, they are: 100 - 1 - 5 - 1 - 1 - 10 - 5 - 1 - 20 - X - 10 - 1 - 5 - 1 - 10 - 1 - 20 - 5 - After each spin, determine where you're at on the wheel then count 6 numbers to the right using the list above to see if it's something you want to land on. This is also possibly the fastest way to rack up tickets.
  • This is an achievement that should not exist. Extreme luck and nothing else? Yeah, no.
  • WHOOOO!!! I just got this one! =D
  • Jhilax's wheel guide in comment 7 is awesome! If you move your arms really slow the wheel really does move only 6 spaces. Once you get used to the feel of the slowest movement needed to move the wheel you can start moving it slightly faster to get it to move one or two more spaces extra if you need. I hate when people come on these sites and talk about how easy an achievement is when it is driving other people crazy but if you follow the above wheel guide it really does make this much more obtainable than some of the other achievements in the game.
  • 45 mins constant playing (maybe an hour tops) & I got it so maybe just preserver :)

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