Crash Dummy Achievement

  • Crash Dummy



    Knock out at least 600 gold bricks in Crash-Test Dummy


    In the Launchpad Lane alley, there is a mini game called Crash Dummy. This game requires you to mimic an on screen silhouette shown in gold bricks against an orange brick wall. Once you have mimicked and held the position, your silhouette will crash towards the wall knocking down bricks.

    In the 6 routines per game, you must knock down a total of 600 of the gold bricks, bearing in mind that knocking down a black brick will result in a deduction from your score. The running total is shown on the side of the screen so you will be able to see how you are doing.

    A tip from Vivi:
    For the Crash Test Dummy game, my friend and I just grabbed a blanket and held it up. The sensor recognized the blanket as part of our body. This made it very easy to get to 600 and unlock the achievement. This technique is also an easy way to rack up tickets by just replaying this game over and over.


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