K.I.S.S Achievement

  • K.I.S.S



    Collect all four princess' kisses in a multiplayer game


    This achievement requires you to get all four kisses from each of the four princesses in the game. The achievement also requires that you be in a multiplayer game. It does NOT require you to be online. I got this by playing with another controller, and playing only the levels required to get the princesses' kisses.

    NOTE: This achievement does not have to be done in one sitting, however, if you do it in one sitting, it will only take about 15 minutes.

    There are four princesses after each of the four main bosses. After the main bosses you will fight the other players to get the princess's kiss. Simply kill the other player and the kiss will be yours. The locations of these boss fights and the princesses are...

    Red Dress Princess- Barbarian Boss

    White Dress Princess- Cyclops' Fortress

    Blue Dress Princess- Ice Castle
    : If you are getting this achievement with an extra controller, and you are controlling the 2nd player, this level can be frustrating. There is a part where you have to walk a narrow bridge while arrows are shot at you and ice magic is shot at you. Switching between blocking, jumping, and moving with two controllers can be confusing and frustrating. Simply let the second player die, and continue to the end of the bridge by yourself. Kill the ice thieves there, and return to your 2nd players dead body. Revive him, and continue.

    Orange Dress Princess- Final Battle
    Note: You actually fight for the kiss after the final credits, back in the dining hall in the Home Castle.

  • i can't get this achievements is it becouse i am 256 can sameone tell me plz
  • Stop being level 256 and delete your save file.
  • how can i beat the game and not get all the kisses
  • @fricheckenisha0 It says "Multiplayer" and in multiplayer(at least in 2-player mode)the knights fight for the princess
  • #5 It's a type of glitch to help people with there Arena Master achievement.
  • Can someone help me out with this achievement? Send a message to HALFDEAD HITMAN on XBOX 360
  • i need the final battle one can anyone help me
  • ARRG! Why does it have to be on multiplayer mode!
  • does this have to be all in One Game? or can u do it with one person and then join another game later on and continure with another person?
  • I think it has to be in the same game
  • It doesn't seem like it'd be hard so long as you and a friend have all of the areas unlocked. Then you'd just hit the bosses one by one. Only the last boss really takes a long time to defeat.
  • If you have done the lvl256 glitch then you will mot be able to get this achievement! I have done the glitch and the only achievement I have gotten since is the "Arena Master". I have un glitched all my characters and went throught the game and got all 4 kisses in one shot and nothing. The patch/update/new-DLC does not fix this problem. If you have or ever had the 256....Sorry, You CANNOT get this achievement!
  • Hey guys, I still need this achievement. If you still need it too, hit me up: GraveDiggerX I'm down to help you get the achievement as well.
  • Accideently Did the glitch before finding this out. Anyway to reverse it like deleting your game or using a dlc character that you didn't have before the glitch?
  • Can someone add me and help please. Gamertags- turtlepower23. Cheers
  • Looking to swap on this achievement hit me up..vyktis thanks
  • Needing a co-op partner for this and the other achieves. thanks. (gt: Brew Maker)
  • Looking to do these achievements. Add me: WinglessFoot (that's my gamertag)
  • Awesome game best played in coop with competative friends :) gives great fun
  • this is a great game and if anyone needs help on this achievement contact me at darkpaul90
  • Anyone wanna help? GT Maddie M13
  • need help mrborderlands2
  • Add me if you want to do this Gt: Rick Trivium Es
  • Hello everyone! I'm looking for people to boost these achievements with on XBOX 360. I'm missing 'Glork', 'Medic!', 'Arena Master' & 'K.I.S.S' If you're interested, message me. GamerTag: EuphoricRebel

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