Traditional Achievement

  • Traditional



    Complete the game using any character


    For this achievement, you have to finish the game using any characters (knights or unlocked characters). Here's some general tips if you get stuck at all.

    1. An easy way to hit enemies but make it difficult for them to hit you is by jumping and then alternating the X and Y buttons while hitting someone. This will keep you in the air, while you juggle their body.
    2. Always have 5 health potions and 4 bologna sandwhiches on you at all times. They come in handy.
    3. Keep in mind that all online play transfers to single player, so if you're stuck on a boss, host a game and play against the boss with a friend.

  • Can one do this in single player with around a level 57- 59 castle crasher?
  • #3 Yes as long as you beat the game with any character.
  • It is relatively easy to do just keep playing. The ending is hillarious. (Yes I know I can't spell)
  • Do you have to be using the first player controler to qualify as beaying the game?
  • this stupid achievement never popped up for me, even though i have beaten the game (i got the 4 kisses and everything). if anyone has an idea or wants to help me out by going through together, please message me on xbl GT: tmw666
  • fun game everyone should have this achievement
  • @#6 I had the same problem, i think it was because i played online with friends and started a new crasher halfway through. im playing the first few levels again on the new toon to see if that solves it. If not its a new play through.

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