Conscientious Objector Achievement

  • Conscientious Objector



    Complete the barbarian area without attacking once


    This can be done online or offline. In order to obtain this achievement, you must complete the levels from the first level (Home Castle) to the fourth level (Barbarian Boss) without attacking. You do this by either playing online with another person, or using another controller.

    If you want to use another controller, simply kill all the enemies with the second controller, leaving the player you want to get the achievement alone.

    If you want to get this online, simply get a friend to kill all the enemies while you sit back and dodge attacks.

  • how the heck do you do this?!?!
  • Get some friends to join you, it only has to be your knight that isnt attacking, so do the levels just blocking whilst your mates do all the hard work
  • Host a match with friends, put an elastic band around the LT, and walk through the levels with your friends getting the kills.
  • Consists of first three levels in the game.

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