Animal Handler Achievement

  • Animal Handler



    Collect all of the animals


    In order to obtain this achievement you must find and collect all 26 of the animals in the game. A full detailed list has been made in this thread. Click HERE for the thread.

    Big thanks to everyone who contributed to the thread.

  • Just remember to check the environment, behind trees and such. Also buy all pets you see in the store. Some pets are buried underground and some pets are rewards.
  • Read so many things about this but still 2 questions: - do you need the dlc ones? - can you find them all playing with a friend on xbox live? Thanks
  • Can anyone tell me how many pets there are? Also, where the harder ones to find are? Thanks!
  • #2 No you don't need the DLC animals. and I don't know i found them all in single player. #3 There are exactly 26 Animal orbs. (not counting the DLC animals)
  • I got them all the only really annoying on is in the ark itself you have to go all the way back to the wall by the door and at the top of the room there is a Cat orb that help you jump higher so in order to get it just and keep hitting X,Y fast enough to climb from hitting and shizzam
  • i wish they had an achievement like this for characters
  • @#2, You can find all the animals with a friend on XBL. Both players will need to find that animal and have him follow them each for both to get the ACH, but if either way as long as you can have all 26 follow you at any given time, you are good.
  • This achievement is glitched. I got all the pets and checked it three times, but the acheievment still hasn't popped.
  • @ #8 get the key again and unlock beholder and bring him into the room (even if he is already in there) and mine unlocked
  • thx for explain.
  • i heard that theres a golden whale, and the only way to get it is if beat the insane mode!!! im wondering if anyone can help me beat the insane mode!!! GT: x Zephyrs x
  • Thanks so much #9, saved a lot of annoyance at stupid non-popping achievements
  • does anyone know of a walkthrough for this game just so i know which ones i dont have? cheers
  • I need at least the golden whale. Where can i get him?
  • I need whale too
  • Just got this achievement yesterday this youtube link was a big help

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