Treasure Hunter Achievement

  • Treasure Hunter



    Find and dig up ten buried items


    In order to obtain this achievement you must use the shovel (obtained in level "Desert") to dig up ten buried items. You can dig anywhere, but the only place you will dig up buried items is where there is a small "X" on the ground. If you are having trouble finding these "X"'s, you can use the animal "Pazzo" to easily detect the holes. Once you have found a hole, switch to your shovel with RB and position yourself over the hole. Dig with the B button, and pick up whatever you have dug up. Repeat 9 times and the achievement is yours.

  • Can someone help me out with this achievement? Send a message to HALFDEAD HITMAN on XBOX 360
  • ^ Just get buy Pazzo the golden dog. He can be found in the snow shop.
  • go to the tall grass level in the sand right at the start there's a treasure dig it up and hit return to map. rinse and repeat
  • That's a good idea kylewiddz!

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