Medic! Achievement

  • Medic!



    Resuscitate all of your fallen comrades


    In order to obtain this achievement you must be playing with 3 other characters. You can do this by playing a 4 person co-op game online, or using 3 additional controllers. Have the other 3 characters die, and then the character you want to get the achievement for should revive all of them with Y.

  • Im dying for this achievement, little help? ^_^
  • This is actually pretty easy and comes naturally if your playing co-op with some friends on the same tv. Just revive each of the other characters when they go down, make sure the other players keep the enemies away from both of you till you get the fallen guy up again. got it during a playthrough with some cousins n nephews during a Christmas party.
  • oh that sounds easy !!!
  • It seems glitched ive revived my team mates more than once and it never unlocks ive fully revived them ive done quick revives ive tried everything any1 no why its not working and a way to fix it?
  • i agree with dansam1990, i have revived each of my friends plenty of times in a single game without it popping. very frustrating.
  • I also am having trouble with this achievement. I did it online with my girlfriend and 2 other people and still didn't get it. I just dont get it
  • From what I've heard it is either glitched or deliberately programmed so that it only works properly online. From what I've found out, if it's a local game, you need a perfect heal for it to count to the chievie.
  • ^ I'm pretty sure he's right. Any 3 of you out there wanna give this a go? Lol. Let me know.
  • this is easy just get 3 low level people on ur team and let them die once there all dead revive then u just heal ur self or have a potion and die it auto revivess u
  • Is there anybody who is up for doing this with me?
  • i will send me a message over xbox im The SilverSurfr
  • send mess to me Tyster989
  • marcus rivera... if you need some help for this achievement
  • HEY here's some very important information that should probably be more readily available: **You can only get this achievement if the four players are the four original knights.** I haven't tested this yet to see if the new Pink knight will count, but I bet it doesn't. This is why so many people on this board (including myself) were pumping chest compressions all day and not getting any achievement. Maybe when they programmed this achievement, there weren't any other characters to play? Luckily I read a rumor about this somewhere, and my friends and I started a new game with the original squad, and I got it in a few minutes.
  • To clarify: online/local doesn't have anything to do with it. I got it tonight with all four players on my couch.
  • I'll help people with this achievement, I'm looking for people to play with in this game. Just tell me you are trying to get this achievement :P
  • My Gamertag is zSasukeUchiihaz by the way!
  • Confirmed: you can do local game, I did it with three extra controllers with helper profiles..I used the original four and did perfect revives on stage one.
  • Pretty simple
  • need help for this achievement... more players...
  • GT: Scorpions9573
  • GT: xx Mr Napalm xx
  • I have 2 maybe 3 players ready to fin this game
  • Thank you to the random guys who helped me get this tonight online
  • Anyone still needing to do this? GT is: Proeliatoris J Cheers, J
  • Need help with this, I always get to the last person and they decide to leave or kick everyone off -_-...
  • how the hell do u get a perfect revive.. i cant seem to get a higher score then 95, damn this fucking achievement
  • nvr mind the cheevo unlocked although i still dont know why, did nothing different than i did before. seems to me like this achievement is a little glitched
  • Need help with this one, Anyone need some help in return id be more than glad to assist. GT:BusterSniper
  • FYI... Starting a 4-player game and revive someone, that person can then leave and the achievement will still count as long as you stay in the game and continur reviving others.
  • Need help to get this and other achievements GT: WolderWald
  • If anybody needs this, glork and arena master I will be helping out!! I need help and am on very often. GT: Evan Capoeira
  • Willing to help anyone who needs this achievement. Need it myself too.
  • please help me get this achieve. i need ressurect 3 person online gt - sherhan
  • I need help with this achievement if anyone is willing to help me :)
  • need help GT khangkiller
  • need 2 people for online achievements GT khangkiller
  • need group of people for this GT khangkiller
  • I got the achievements with 3 controllers in the 1st level!!!
  • Message me in Xbox Live if you want to unlock this achievement. 4 people maximum. Xbox Gamertag: KaiChiTen
  • Send a message if you want to do this Gt: Rick Trivium Es
  • Gt - EoN RAiN I have an extra controller. Message me.
  • I have 3 extra 360 controllers, just need someone to do it with. Drop a message. Gt: KdawgX2X
  • Looking for help with this. I have two controllers for what it's worth. Message me if you're willing to help. In return I'll help you with an achievement. GT: Enders Alright
  • Need this and the online ones as well. Message me to boost GT: Chainsaw Buddha
  • Me and my friend need 2 people for this if anyone is interested. GT Chaoraiser117
  • Anybody wanna help me out with this, and the other two multiplayer achievements? I'd really appreciate it! I have two controllers GT chesiremomo
  • Need help with this achievement. I have two controllers. Though I'm not sure the second account which is not gold is available for online features. Please add GT:ACTplayer
  • Looking to finish this achievement, message if you're interested.
  • I need some help with this one, Arena Master, and All You Can Glork. I have two extra controllers so I just need one extra person to help out. Message if interested. GT: Bender 32y
  • Hello everyone! I'm looking for people to boost these achievements with on XBOX 360. I'm missing 'Glork', 'Medic!', 'Arena Master' & 'K.I.S.S' If you're interested, message me. GamerTag: EuphoricRebel

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