-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
-Offline: 10 (170)
-Online: 2 (30)
-Approximate amount of time to 200: 8-10 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: None!
-Glitched achievements: None!
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats

Castle Crashers was really meant to be played with 3 other people. If you are unable to, for one reason or another, you can get by with using multiple controllers at certain parts. At the four boss fights that free a princess, you will need 2 controllers to be able to fight for a kiss from the princess. You will also need 2 controllers to pass the first area without attacking. At any other point in the game, you will need 4 controllers to knock out and revive the other 3 knights. Aside from that, you should be able to work your way though and complete the remaining achievements with relative ease.

Step 1: Story Mode
The story mode is rather linear with only a few spots where you will have to backtrack. Fight your way though the waves of enemies and feel free to spend your experience to tailor to your playing style. Don't forget to factor in bonuses from animal pets or weapons as well. If you want the Conscientious Objector achievement from the start, make sure to start with a second controller and use it to do all the attacking. Keep a list of the animals handy and unlock them as you go on. Also take note of which boss battles will free a princess. If you're playing alone, get your second controller out. If you're playing with others, decide who gets the kiss and go back through if other people need it. All levels can be played again, so don't fret if you miss Deer Trainer or Maximum Firepower. Be sure to keep your inventory stocked with potions and sandwiches as they are always helpful.

Step 1.5: Mop Up
You can replay any level at anytime to hunt for weapons, animals, or just get some experience. After completing the story (or anytime you want really), you can head back and find any animals you missed or didn't backtrack for.

Step 2: Online Play
For the final two achievements you will have to complete some ranked matches. 40 Arena matches and 20 All You Can Quaff matches. All You Can Quaff is a button mashing game in a race to eat various foods. There will always be 3 other opponents, one of those has to be another person. The Arena contains various versus modes with the most popular type being straight up melee. You play with your characters from the story mode, so always try to pick your strongest character first, as there can be no duplicate characters in a game. If you have a boosting partner, I found that choosing the Beefy type match can be completed the fastest.

Nothing stands out in Castle Crashers as very difficult. Take your time and enjoy the experience though story and be prepared to dedicate some time for the online matches.

[x360a would like to thank jukkakhan for this Road Map]

Castle Crashers Achievement Guide

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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Collect all four princess' kisses in a multiplayer game


    This achievement requires you to get all four kisses from each of the four princesses in the game. The achievement also requires that you be in a multiplayer game. It does NOT require you to be online. I got this by playing with another controller, and playing only the levels required to get the princesses' kisses.

    NOTE: This achievement does not have to be done in one sitting, however, if you do it in one sitting, it will only take about 15 minutes.

    There are four princesses after each of the four main bosses. After the main bosses you will fight the other players to get the princess's kiss. Simply kill the other player and the kiss will be yours. The locations of these boss fights and the princesses are...

    Red Dress Princess- Barbarian Boss

    White Dress Princess- Cyclops' Fortress

    Blue Dress Princess- Ice Castle
    : If you are getting this achievement with an extra controller, and you are controlling the 2nd player, this level can be frustrating. There is a part where you have to walk a narrow bridge while arrows are shot at you and ice magic is shot at you. Switching between blocking, jumping, and moving with two controllers can be confusing and frustrating. Simply let the second player die, and continue to the end of the bridge by yourself. Kill the ice thieves there, and return to your 2nd players dead body. Revive him, and continue.

    Orange Dress Princess- Final Battle
    Note: You actually fight for the kiss after the final credits, back in the dining hall in the Home Castle.

  • Complete the game using any character


    For this achievement, you have to finish the game using any characters (knights or unlocked characters). Here's some general tips if you get stuck at all.

    1. An easy way to hit enemies but make it difficult for them to hit you is by jumping and then alternating the X and Y buttons while hitting someone. This will keep you in the air, while you juggle their body.
    2. Always have 5 health potions and 4 bologna sandwhiches on you at all times. They come in handy.
    3. Keep in mind that all online play transfers to single player, so if you're stuck on a boss, host a game and play against the boss with a friend.

  • Defeat any boss by playing one of his own minions


    In order to obtain this achievement, you have to kill a boss with one of the enemy characters in that world. You need to unlock the enemy character, and then fight the boss and kill him with the unlocked character.

    The easiest way to get this achievement is to play for a bit, and then go to the first circle on the map called "King's Arena". Finish the arena by killing the waves of enemies until they stop coming (there is 10 waves of enemies). After you finish the arena, you will unlock the very first enemy character. Exit the game, and start up a single player local game. Choose the newly unlocked enemy character as your character, and proceed to the "Barbarian Battle" level. Kill the boss here, and the achievement will be yours.

  • Navigate the abandoned mill without hitting any obstacle


    In the level "Abandoned Mill" you will ride a deer away from the giant troll. In order to obtain the achievement, you have to dodge all the logs and go through all the doorways without messing up or getting hit. Whenever you see a log approaching, press A to jump. Pay attention to the flood of light right in front of doorways, as they appear before the actual doorway, giving you time to see where the doorway is and move accordingly.

    Here is a pattern of the logs and doorways, as they appear. Big logs cover the entire floor, so you have to jump over them. Small logs can be jumped over, or dodged (I prefer jumping over them). The parentheses after the type of log will tell you where the log appears.

    Big Log
    Small Log (Top)
    Small Log (Bottom)
    Big Log x2
    Doorway Middle
    Big Log x3
    Doorway Middle
    Doorway Top
    Small Log (Top)
    Doorway Bottom
    Doorway Middle
    Doorway Bottom
    Small Log (Bottom)
    Doorway Middle
    Doorway Bottom
    Doorway Top
    Doorway Bottom
    Doorway Middle
    Small Log (Top)
    Small Log (Bottom)
    Big Log x3

  • Complete the barbarian area without attacking once


    This can be done online or offline. In order to obtain this achievement, you must complete the levels from the first level (Home Castle) to the fourth level (Barbarian Boss) without attacking. You do this by either playing online with another person, or using another controller.

    If you want to use another controller, simply kill all the enemies with the second controller, leaving the player you want to get the achievement alone.

    If you want to get this online, simply get a friend to kill all the enemies while you sit back and dodge attacks.

  • Using a catapult, fling a knight with maximum power


    In the level "Flowery Field" (the level after the giant bat boss), you will come to a point where you have to launch yourself out of a catapult. In order to obtain this achievement, you have to hit X when the power meter is full. This will launch you as far as possible. In order to get this achievement, hit the X button a moment before the power meter hits the top, and the delay between hitting the button and the game registering it will be fine. Don't click X too early or too late. It may take a few tries to get the timing down right, but it's not too hard.

  • Collect all of the animals


    In order to obtain this achievement you must find and collect all 26 of the animals in the game. A full detailed list has been made in this thread. Click HERE for the thread.

    Big thanks to everyone who contributed to the thread.

  • Win 40 ranked arena matches

    In order to obtain this achievement you must win 40 ranked matches of Melee Arena. Arena is an online battle mode, where you must kill the other players, and be the last one standing. There is little in the way of trickery for this achievement, it relies a lot on skill. Level up your character in single player and then use your leveled character to take out the other players.

    Use a lot of the jump attack trick (A, X and Y alternating to juggle your opponent), if you have a leveled up Red Knight, that works the best because his magic Y attack is a lightning stream that will hold your opponent in place for about 5 seconds dealing considerable damage. Other than that, have fun!

  • Glork



    Win 20 ranked All You Can Quaff Matches

    Can Quaff is an online mini-game in which you must alternate tapping X and Y faster than the other players in order to eat more food than them. It is tough, and can be very frustrating at times. If you are having problems, visit this thread to see if anyone is available to trade this achievement with you. Click HERE for a link to the Achievement Trading Thread.

  • Defeat any boss without using any magic


    In order to obtain this achievement you need to beat any boss without using your magic attack. To easily get this achievement, beat the first boss (Barbarian Boss) without using your magic at all. It is a very easy achievement and should take no more than two tries.

  • Find and dig up ten buried items


    In order to obtain this achievement you must use the shovel (obtained in level "Desert") to dig up ten buried items. You can dig anywhere, but the only place you will dig up buried items is where there is a small "X" on the ground. If you are having trouble finding these "X"'s, you can use the animal "Pazzo" to easily detect the holes. Once you have found a hole, switch to your shovel with RB and position yourself over the hole. Dig with the B button, and pick up whatever you have dug up. Repeat 9 times and the achievement is yours.

  • Resuscitate all of your fallen comrades


    In order to obtain this achievement you must be playing with 3 other characters. You can do this by playing a 4 person co-op game online, or using 3 additional controllers. Have the other 3 characters die, and then the character you want to get the achievement for should revive all of them with Y.

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