- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
- Offline: 10 [1000gs.png]
- Approximate amount of time to 1000gs.png: 2-5 Hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 3
- Missable achievements: Yes
- Does difficulty affect achievements: N/A
- Unobtainable/glitched achievements: No
- Extra equipment needed: No
  • DLC: Title Update
    • Difficulty: 1/10
    • Time to 1000:1gs:5-15 minutes
    • Unobtainable: None
  • DLC: Title Update 2
    • Difficulty: 1/10
    • Time to 1000:1gs:5-15 minutes
    • Unobtainable: None
  • DLC: Title Update 3
    • Difficulty: 2/10
    • Time to 1000:1gs:5-20 minutes
    • Unobtainable: None

Explore the mysterious castle full of monsters and secrets in a quest to collect all the treasures (that will also protect you from the curses on your way) and crush the main boss. The game won't let you exit the castle, no matter how you try. Technically you can win, but there is no end.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
The first goal of the game is to figure out how to play it. There is no tutorial or explanation of what anything does, so it can be very confusing when you start. First thing to know: your Strength stat is your health and intelligence is your mana. Dexterity acts as it should, determining if you will dodge an attack or not. Each time you start the game, you will have six floors (strangely taking the "up" stairs on the sixth floor returns you to the first) and the placement of any items, monsters, vendors, etc will all be randomized.

The goal to complete the game is to find Nikolai, a large red enemy that has 999HP, and defeat him. He can appear on any of the six floors, and should not be fought until you have explored the rest of the dungeon. Your main hope will be to find the Lantern item, which will illuminate the squares around you. Every square in the 6x6 grid starts as a question mark and can be empty, have a flare or coin, book or chest, enemy, gem, etc.

I'd suggest running from every enemy possible. To do this, simply move off their square. They have a chance of hitting you on the way out, but it's generally low especially with the Bandit class' high dexterity. Enemies only drop coins and you get enough from pickups and chests that fighting anything but Nikolai is not necessary to complete the game, and there's an achievement for taking no damage from enemies that we'll be going for on each run anyway.

Use flares whenever possible, but try to maximize their effectiveness. If you get one and have a set of stairs available, use those to go to a new floor where you can hit an entire block around you. Flares will extend to the other side of the floor across from you, so take that into account as well. Whenever possible, grab a gem, coins, or more flares. Ignore everything else until you have all five gems. The gems protect you from curses that can hit you when you read a book or open a chest. Once you have no fear of curses, open all the chests and read all the books to increase your stats and get some equipment.

Once you have successfully obtained all the gems, opened all the chests, read all the books, and found a vendor to max out your stats (go for intelligence first, then dexterity, then strength) - now we fight Nikolai. Chances are you know where he is by now, so return to whatever floor you saw him on and engage him. Cast the Web spell to trap him and stop him from attacking, and attack yourself. As soon as Web runs out (it can hit for 0-3 turns), cast it again. Doing this, you should never get it.

There are also random achievements that need to be unlocked in your playthroughs, such as not killing any enemies except Nikoli, not taking any damage from enemies, picking up armor and a weapon, taking damage from an exploding chest, and so forth. Refer to the guide below for details.

Completing the game is required with all three characters, but hopefully, once you are familiar with the game, subsequent playthroughs will be quicker.
Title Update DLC
In this title update, Xitilon has added five achievements, all for reaching certain floors of the dungeon. All that needs to be done is to navigate through the dungeon and find the stairs to progress to each floor.
Title Update 2 DLC
In this title update, Xitilon has added more five achievements. To earn the 1000:1gs:, all that needs to be done is to walk around the dungeon grid and pay attention to what’s written at the bottom of the screen.
Title Update 3 DLC
In this title update, Xitilon has added more five achievements. For this update, you need to kill every enemy on one floor, which is made easier by selecting the secret character. Also, you need to reveal all the spaces on one floor, fall in a sinkhole, and use a flare while feeling the effects of a forgetfulness or blindness curse. Since this game is heavily RNG (random generated), this could take you only a few minutes or much longer.

This was quite a fun little game. The RNG and lack of any direction could put some people off, but after a few deaths I knew exactly what strategy I should be employing and it was just a matter of executing the best moves and hoping for the best. If all goes well, you could even have all the achievements in as little as three runs.
[XBA would like to thank The Pants Party for this Roadmap]
[XBA would like to thank bLaKgRaVy for the DLC Roadmaps]

Castle of no Escape Achievement Guide

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There are 25 achievements with a total of 4000 points

  • Complete the game as a champion

    See Papers of pain (100G) for more info.
  • Complete the game as a bandit

    See Papers of pain (100G) for more info.
  • Complete the game as a shamaness

    All that is required to complete each run of this game is to defeat Nikolai - you don't need to collect any gems or really interact with any other items or enemies, but doing some pre-work is highly suggested before fighting him. Step 1 of the Road Map provides all the information and strategies you'll need to complete the game. This is what Nikolai looks like:

  • Don't kill any monsters (except the boss)

    This sounds much worse than it is. Enemies only drop gold when defeated anyway, so there is little incentive to fight them when you have such a limited pool of health (strength). Every time you encounter an enemy on the map, simply move off their square to avoid the fight. The only fight you will have will be with Nikolai.
  • Complete the game with no damage from enemies

    This is the hardest achievement in the game due to the RNG factor. Every time you reveal a square, there is a chance it could be an enemy. Unless you get very lucky and find the Lantern early or get an excess of flares, you'll have to blindly step on a number of squares to find out what they hold. If it is an enemy, simply move off the square right away and hope your dexterity stat is high enough that you'll dodge the attack they attempt as you flee.

    You can take damage from exploding chests, curses, orbs, or drinking pools and still obtain this achievement. The only thing that affects it is enemies, including Nikolai. Employ the Web strategy discussed in the Road Map if you are ever forced into a fight.
  • Collect all the gems, then use an orb

    This achievement actually requires that you obtain every item possible before using the orb, not just the five gem items that protect from curses. You need to find all five gems, the Lantern, the Sign, and the Blue Flame. Your item board should look like this:

    Once all eight items are lit up, interact with an Orb to unlock the achievement. Orbs look like this:

  • Pick up an armor

    See How about a weapon? (100G) for more info.
  • Pick up a weapon

    Every time you open a chest, you have a chance to receive a weapon, armor, coins, or take damage. You'll get both a weapon and armor at some point during your three successful runs, but it may not be during the same run.
  • Don't use the crystal orbs

    In the opposite of the What's next? (100G) achievement, avoid using an Orb for an entire successful run of the game, and after defeating Nikolai the achievement will unlock.
  • Get damaged by explosive chest

    This is obviously random, but any time you open a chest you could take damage. It will happen at some point as you open all the chests after collecting the gems.

DLC: Title Update

There are 5 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Reach the 2nd floor

    When you start the game, select one of the three characters; it really doesn't matter which but selecting the Champion will give you more health.
    The dungeon is laid out in a 6x6 grid. Moving around the grid will uncover chests, monsters, vendors and stairs. We are going to ignore everything except spaces that have stairs. Pay attention to the text below the grid. When it says 'you can go upstairs (or downstairs)', press :1a: to change the floor. 
    If you go upstairs, the floors progress from lower to higher, and if you go downstairs, they progress higher to lower. So, if you go up (to Level 2), keep finding stairs that go up on each floor. But if you go down first (to Level 6), keep finding stairs that go down. For each new floor reached, you will unlock an achievement.
    It is likely that you will die while looking for stairs, but the game is randomized so while you may encounter a lot of monsters in one run, you may not in another. If you happen to have flares, you can press :1b: and it will reveal the surrounding spaces around you before moving to them.
    Note: If while playing the game previously and you accessed other floors, the achievements will not retroactively unlock. Everything will need to be done again.
  • Reach the 3rd floor

    Refer to Reach the 2nd floor (200G) for more information.
  • Reach the 4th floor

    Refer to Reach the 2nd floor (200G) for more information.
  • Reach the 5th floor

    Refer to Reach the 2nd floor (200G) for more information.
  • Reach the 6th floor

    Refer to Reach the 2nd floor (200G) for more information.

DLC: Title Update 2

There are 5 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Read the book

    When you land on a space that says ‘You Found A Book’, press :1a: to read it and the achievement will unlock.
  • Find some gold in the chest

    When you land on a space that says ‘You Found An Ancient Chest’, press :1a: to open it. If it contains gold, the achievement will unlock. If not, keep walking around until you land on another space with an ancient chest and try again.
  • Drink from the pool

    When you land on a space that says ‘You Found A Pool’, press :1a: to drink from it and the achievement will unlock.
  • Find some gold

    When you land on a space that says ‘You Found Gold’, the achievement will unlock.
  • Find some flares

    When you land on a space that says ‘You Found A Flare’, the achievement will unlock.

DLC: Title Update 3

There are 5 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Fall in the hole

    Author’s Note: Throughout my many playthroughs, these never appeared on Floor 1, but I may have just been lucky.
    As you move around the floor, you may reveal a space that is a sinkhole, in which you will fall to the next floor of the castle, unlocking the achievement. This is a completely random occurrence.
    If you haven’t unlocked Been there, done that (200G) and/or And then they all die (200G) yet, you can either backtrack and try to return to the floor you were on and continue your progress there or simply start over on the current floor. If you start over, though, there’s a chance you might fall through another sinkhole or be teleported. Using a flare will highlight the spaces around you so you can avoid any sinkholes or warps you may find.
  • Visit every space on a floor

    To unlock this, you need to reveal the question marks on all 36 spaces of one floor.
    Note: It is possible that you may reveal a sinkhole or warp. Refer to What a hole (200G) for more information.
  • Kill every enemy on a floor

    To unlock this, you need to kill every enemy on the current floor. This may or may not unlock before you reveal all the spaces on the floor (for Been there, done that (200G)). Refer to What a hole (200G) for information on sinkholes and warps.
    An easy way to do this is to select the secret character by pressing :1rt: on the character select screen (to unlock But there was a fourth one (200G)). With this character, all three stats are maxed out at 20, making you more powerful than the other starting characters. To reveal the spaces, you can work in a pattern or randomly as they accomplish the same thing. When you reveal an enemy, you have two options; :1a: to ‘Fight’ or :1b: to ‘Cast’. Always select :1b: and cast a Fireball by pressing :1lt:. This usually kills enemies with one hit, sometimes two or three. Each time you attack, you lose 1 Intelligence.
    As you move along, you should reveal a vendor or two. Use this opportunity to purchase any stats (if you have the gold) that may have diminished while fighting enemies (you can always go back to them when you have obtained more gold; each stat costs 10 gold and you recover 3 of the stat you choose). You should also be revealing books and ancient chests, but don’t open them if you do not have any flares (refer to Come again? (200G)).
    Once every enemy on the floor is eliminated, the achievement will unlock.
    Note: The ‘boss’ of the game, Nikolai, may appear on any floor. If you happen to reveal and kill him, the game ends, so if you do come across him, do not fight him right away. Instead, avoid him and move around the floor, killing every other enemy and leaving Nikolai for last. Or, you can attempt this achievement on another floor.
  • Use a flare when you're forgetful or blind

    As you are moving around the floor, you will reveal books and ancient chests. Some are harmless or beneficial while others can be cursed and hurt you. For this achievement, you need to become cursed with forgetfulness or blindness then use a flare.
    As you are moving around the floor, if you are not carrying a flare, do not open either. Once you have obtained a flare, you can begin to open books and chests you have previously found. What you find is completely random so this may take a while or be quick. Just keep opening both until you’ve been cursed with one or the other then press :1b: to use a flare to unlock the achievement.
    When you become blind, at the top right of the screen, the top left space is filled in with a red eye. If you pick up an Opal, this negates the curse. On the other hand, if you previously picked up an Opal, you cannot be cursed with blindness.

    When you become forgetful, at the top right of the screen, the top middle space is filled in with a red head with a question mark. If you pick up a Pearl, this negates the curse; however, if you previously picked up a Pearl, you cannot be cursed with forgetfulness.

    You do not want to pick up either of these gems. The only way to avoid this is by continually using flares to reveal the spaces surrounding you or by obtaining a lantern, which is rare.
  • Select a secret character

    On the character select screen, press :1rt:.

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