Son of Dracula Achievement

  • Son of Dracula



    Complete the 'Son of Dracula' Equipment set.

    There are only 3 pieces of equipment that you need to collect for this achievement

    Alucard Mail – The Alucard Mail is in the Marble Gallery upper right boss fight (thanks to Cringer85 for this info)
    Alucard Sword – You get this by defeating the boss “Galamoth”
    Alucard Shield - This is in the room beside the boss “Galamoth” 

    Boss battles can be a little tricky, have lots of food tickets and potions such as hp,defence and attack power. The battle agaisnt Galamoth took me 10-15 times but i got there in the end, try to keep combos going and get Galamoth's gems to the top of the screen so you do more damage.


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