Familiar Achievement

  • Familiar



    Collect all seven familiars in the game.


    These all can be found while progressing through the game as well. Thera are 5 cards: Faerie, Demon, Bat, Ghost and Sword.

    • Faerie Card: Found in the Library. From the largest room, go to the top-left door. You will need to change into a bat to get there.
    • Bat Card: Found in the Alchemy Laboratory. In the room where you fought Slogra and Gaibon, use superjump or bat transformation to reach a door in the upper right corner.
    • Demon Card: Found in the Abandoned Mine. On your way down you will notice a switch in, the upper right corner that you can not hit. Go down one room down and to the left of that and you'll find the Demon Card.
    • Sword Card: Found in Olrox's quarters. Go into the big room with a fountain, and then take the lower-left door, and keep heading left until you come to an area where the bricks change color from dark gray to a more whitish color. This area is about a screen or so wide, and is a sort of "bridge". Once you're here, slash at the ceiling toward the left of this area. Or, just use the Soul Steal spell to find the breakable area. Once you break the hole in the ceiling, fly up the hole. You'll now be in a small room with the Sword Card.
    • Ghost Card: Go to the top of the castle where you'll find the broken staircase. From the bottom of the staircase do a superjump, or bat transformation to get to a door in the upper right corner. In there is the ghost card.

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