Bloodlines Achievement

  • Bloodlines



    Defeat Dracula in the Bloodlines stage without getting hit.

    Easy, but could take practice. Get a lot of Hearts, maybe 45-50 will work, and try to Slide Jump to get the Potion power-up before fighting Dracula. Once the fight begins, wait for the white beam of light to appear, then hit , and a Holy Water attack will be summoned, It is really powerful and it could defeat him in one go, but if not, Repeat it. Once he transforms, wait until he is almost done transforming, then use the attack again, It will damage him a lot, while canceeling out his attack. If it doen't kill him in one attack, wait for him to jump, and do it again. I got it my first try, But it may take some practice.

  • Easiest way to do this is to max out your heart counter at 99 with the large hearts then pick up the holy water. When you face Dracula whenever he materializes blast him with the charged up holy water attack. rinse and repeat until he's downed.
  • Use magic. 'Y' Button. Pie.

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