Money Bags Achievement

  • Money Bags



    Collect a bank of $100,000.

    One of the easiest ways to get this is to use the Sword familiar/gem selling glitch. To do this:

    • Try to have only one of any valuable gem in your inventory and equip the Sword familiar.
    • Stand in front of the Master Librarian and use the Sword brothers spell.
    • Quickly approach him to bring up selling menu.
    • Go to the jewel selling menu and press . Equip the jewel you want to sell.
    • Press again to close the menu and sell the jewel, then exit the shop. You now have 255 of that game to sell and makes a big profit.

    Note: You must have all $100,00 in your inventory. It is not cumulative.

  • I found the easiest way to get this achievement is: - At some point during the game you'll get the 'Ring of Arcana'* which increases you chances of rare items being dropped, equip it. - Go to the inverted castle and then the reverse library. - Kill Shmoos until the Crissaegrim drops. - Equip the Crissaegrim and you'll see why it is the BEST sword in the whole game. - Go back to normal castle and then to the Colosseum. - In the room where the Shield Rod was (the one with those annoying rifle men), there's also a $1000 bag. - Equip your best items to increase strength and defence. - Enter the room and turn into a bat, then perform the 'Wing Smash' which should kill almost everyone in the room and get you your $1000 if you aim it right. Simply keep going in and out of the room until

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