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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points

  • Defeat 10 consecutive enemies using standard weapons without getting hit.

    Fairly easy to obtain at the beginning of the game as Alucard. Just slash and dash backwards, it takes only one hit to kill the first batch of enemies until you lose all of your stuff to Death.

  • Defeat 10 consecutive enemies using only magic without getting hit.

    Semi-Hard, but could be done in the same area as the 'Rampage' Achievement. I suggest using the 'Hellfire' Spell (, , , , ) or the 'Summon Spirit' (, , , ,) one, which takes less Magic power.

  • Defeat 10 consecutive enemies using special weapons without getting hit.

    The Special Weapons are the ones that you use when you hit and at the same time. Either the Axe, Knife or Potion are the easiest, and least 'Heart using' choices.

  • Obtain the Bat, Wolf and Mist transformations.

    These can be found while progressing through the game.

    • Soul of Wolf: At the top of the elevator in the Outer Wall. There is a switch above that are you use to unlock the elevator gate.
    • Form of Mist: Found in the Colloseum, in a room that is directly to the right of the Minotaur boss battle.
    • Soul of Bat: Found in the Libarary. Go into the largest room and take the middle door on the left. You will find yourself in a save room. Again take the door on the left and follow the path down and to the left (need mist to get there).
  • Collect all seven familiars in the game.


    These all can be found while progressing through the game as well. Thera are 5 cards: Faerie, Demon, Bat, Ghost and Sword.

    • Faerie Card: Found in the Library. From the largest room, go to the top-left door. You will need to change into a bat to get there.
    • Bat Card: Found in the Alchemy Laboratory. In the room where you fought Slogra and Gaibon, use superjump or bat transformation to reach a door in the upper right corner.
    • Demon Card: Found in the Abandoned Mine. On your way down you will notice a switch in, the upper right corner that you can not hit. Go down one room down and to the left of that and you'll find the Demon Card.
    • Sword Card: Found in Olrox's quarters. Go into the big room with a fountain, and then take the lower-left door, and keep heading left until you come to an area where the bricks change color from dark gray to a more whitish color. This area is about a screen or so wide, and is a sort of "bridge". Once you're here, slash at the ceiling toward the left of this area. Or, just use the Soul Steal spell to find the breakable area. Once you break the hole in the ceiling, fly up the hole. You'll now be in a small room with the Sword Card.
    • Ghost Card: Go to the top of the castle where you'll find the broken staircase. From the bottom of the staircase do a superjump, or bat transformation to get to a door in the upper right corner. In there is the ghost card.
  • Defeat Gaibon and Slogra.

    Very easy to obtain. First 'Boss' battle. Just defeat them, and you will earn this.

  • Defeat Dracula in the Bloodlines stage without getting hit.

    Easy, but could take practice. Get a lot of Hearts, maybe 45-50 will work, and try to Slide Jump to get the Potion power-up before fighting Dracula. Once the fight begins, wait for the white beam of light to appear, then hit , and a Holy Water attack will be summoned, It is really powerful and it could defeat him in one go, but if not, Repeat it. Once he transforms, wait until he is almost done transforming, then use the attack again, It will damage him a lot, while canceeling out his attack. If it doen't kill him in one attack, wait for him to jump, and do it again. I got it my first try, But it may take some practice.

  • Unlock/Cast all eight of Alucard’s spells.

    Only hard part of this Achievement is getting the Sword Familiar Card.

    1. Dark Metamorphosis: ,+,,+,+ (spell purchased from Master Librarian)

    2. Hellfire: ,,+,+

    3. Summon Spirit: ,,,+ (spell purchased from Master Librarian)

    4. Tetra Spirit: (charge for 2 seconds),+,,++

    5. Soul Steal: ,,+,,+,,+

    6. Wolf Charge: ,+,+(in wolf form, requires Skill of Wolf relic)

    7. Sword Brothers: ,+,,+, (charge for 2 seconds),+ (Sword familiar must be on)

    8. Wing Smash: Hold , then ,+,,+,,+,, release (in bat form)

  • Unlock the Inverted Castle.

    Once you beat Richter while wearing the Holy Glasses. The holy glasses can be found by using the gold and silver rings in the clocktower. After defeating Richter, you'll unlock the Inverted Castle.

  • Collect a bank of $100,000.

    One of the easiest ways to get this is to use the Sword familiar/gem selling glitch. To do this:

    • Try to have only one of any valuable gem in your inventory and equip the Sword familiar.
    • Stand in front of the Master Librarian and use the Sword brothers spell.
    • Quickly approach him to bring up selling menu.
    • Go to the jewel selling menu and press . Equip the jewel you want to sell.
    • Press again to close the menu and sell the jewel, then exit the shop. You now have 255 of that game to sell and makes a big profit.

    Note: You must have all $100,00 in your inventory. It is not cumulative.

  • Seeker



    Explore 200.6% of the game.

    To get this you'll need to visit and uncover every room of the original and inverted castles. Interactive map can be found here, thanks to Zorkwiz.

    Note: The Map requires MS Excel or Open Office to view.

  • Finish the game, including the inverted castle, as Richter.


    Finish the game as Alucard. Now go to a new game and use the name RICHTER. This will allow you to play as Richter Belmont. Now you just have to make your way through the castle as Richter and defeat Shaft in the Clocktower area of the inverted castle. You do not have to fight all the bosses again, so try to make your way straight to him. Also make sure to make good use of save points as they will refill your health. Best way to kill shaft or any other boss encountered is to use holy water, and don't forget you can chain your super jumps together ( then ) to reach really high areas.

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