Topsy Turvy Achievement

  • Topsy Turvy



    Unlock the Inverted Castle.

    Castlevania has four possible endings and it is possible to end the game without unlocking the Inverted Castle. To unlock the Inverted Castle, you must acquire the Holy Glasses from Maria. With these equipped, proceed to the fight with Richter. If you have the Glasses equipped, you'll see an orb floating around the room with Richter. Focus your attacks on the orb and destroy it. Once you do, you'll free Richter from it's spell and unlock the Inverted Castle.

  • To get the Holy classes from Maria you first need the gold and silver rings. The gold ring will appear next to you after you defect Succubuss in the underground caverns (you battle her after you touch the purple save point). The gold ring is in the Royal Chapel past the long hall with the spikes on the left side of the left tower which you need the spikebreaker armor to get though. Equip both rings and step into the center of the clock face room in the Marble Gallery.
  • and then what...? I didn't get the achievement in any case.....
  • You have to wear the holy glasses when you right Richter and then you can only destroy the green ball above him

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