Seeker Achievement

  • Seeker



    Explore 200.6% of the game.

    This is the most time-consuming achievement in the game. You have to access every single square of both the Normal and Inverted Castle. There is an excellent map HERE that you can use to keep track of your exploration. You'll need to open it in Excel (Read Only) to view it. 

    If the achievement doesn't unlock by the time you fight Shaft in the Clocktower of the Inverted Castle, then you've missed a room, so use a Library Card to teleport out of the fight with Dracula and return to the Normal Castle. From there, study your in-game maps to figure out what you missed. There are a total of 1890 rooms in the two castles combined, 942 in the Normal Castle and 948 in the Inverted Castle.

  • this is so hard to get
  • I'm at 199.6%. I have found all the hidden rooms in both maps, what's screwing me is not all the locations will show as visited on the inverted castle map. These areas are all at the top of the map and involve ceiling water. has anyone else had this? I've used the gravity jump to slam into the ceiling but that does not work. I even used the library card during the Dracula fight to get that .1% extra!
  • Same problem here... how can I get these small parts in the water on the top of the map? Anyone?
  • The trick to getting the underwater parts of the Inverted Castle is to float up into the water in mist form, then IMMEDIATELY change to wolf form and hammer the Y button so he swims.
  • Im sure I've covered every room and I'm at 200.5%!!! It really sucks!!
  • try going into the final dracula boss battle then use a library card it should give you .1%
  • Thanks #4 and #6, I will try that and see if it helps.
  • Done!
  • tis' some BS here. I've checked the maps several times on 3 different days in case my eyes were fooling me. I've had some friends check my map and compare it to ones online. Still stuck @ 200.5%...
  • Also... does it matter that on the enemies list the bottom two for me have not been uncovered??? Does this have anything to do with this achievement?
  • @10 shouldn't have anything to do with it directly, but more than likely they are in the part you are missing.
  • @10 make sure that all the maps borders are a thick white line, thats showing that the "room" has been uncovered.
  • so time consuming, though I had long forgotten the wolf can swim, so this should be doable for me now, thanks to everyone for mentiniong it :)
  • WOW!!!!.... turns out my final room was a save room on the inverted map just NW of the center room that you fight Shaft in. Sometimes taking time off from a game just always seems to help.
  • These comments had me worried, but last night I Popped this when I went to fight shaft. The maps on gamefaqs seemed to work for me. I think it helped that I already found most of the rooms on my own. Wanted to comment so these comments don't deter others to try for it. It's not tough with patience.
  • I'm at 200.4% and I'm stuck, I know where the two rooms are at but I don't know how to get to it, I believe its in the castle entrance where that pot rost is at?
  • I will never get this achievement
  • i got this yesterday a part of the map i never noticed till looked at a map online
  • When you fight the Lesser Demon the first time in Library, let him summon Mud Man, Slinger, and Ectoplasm before you kill him. This is the only time in the game you can kill a Mud Man.
  • Disregard the above comment.
  • I'm at 200.5%... I've found every secret room, fought Dracula (used the library card once, then defeated him), but I still have 1889 rooms out of 1890. Does anyone have any idea what I might be missing?
  • So tedious -.-
  • I'm at 199.8% complete with 1883/1890. 7 Rooms?! Where the hell are the other 7 rooms?!
  • 1888/1890 and clueless now
  • Found them. There's no way to know one of the hidden rooms exist if you don't use the interactive map, I don't think. Towards the very beginning of the normal castle, where you can break two sides of a big rock. You have to run through it one way with the wolf and the other way with the bat. /sigh
  • That was one of the most obnoxious achievements I have ever had to get...
  • About to get my OCD on trying to get this one.
  • Dude, I like very much your xls file, May u your permission to translate do Pt-Br for my fellows use too... Thx a lot! congratulations!
  • @drJoofro:thank you man, that was the last two rooms I needed for this achievement!
  • According to every guide I found, there are 942 rooms in the normal castle and 948 in the inverted one. I believe I found all the rooms in the normal one, so I'm missing one room from the inverted castle BUT I CANT FIND IT. this is a link of my map of the normal castle: this is a link of my map for the inverted castle: I really need your help to find the missing room. Thanks

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