Belmont's Revenge Achievement

  • Belmont's Revenge



    Finish the game, including the inverted castle, as Richter.


    Before you can play as Richter, you need to have completed one playthrough of the game as Alucard with at least 180% exploration. Once you've done that, start a new game in a new save slot and enter "RICHTER" as the name. This unlocks Richter as a playable character.

    After playing with Alucard for so long, Richter can feel like a very different experience. He cannot level up or equip any items or weapons, so there's no experience to be gained or loot to be collected. Fortunately, his default weapon - the whip - is quite powerful and has a very long reach. He, however, is quite weak and cannot sustain much physical damage. In fact, common enemies in the Inverted Castle can kill him in just one or two hits. He also can't double jump, but he can both super jump and chain super jumps to effectively fly across large open spaces, which makes up for the fact that he can't transform into the Bat or Mist.

    There are two factors, however, that make the Richter playthrough much faster than playing with Alucard. First of all, since he can't equip items, there's no need to go collect things to advance to new parts of the castle. You can simply walk directly to the teleport room of the Normal Castle, teleport to the Inverted Castle, walk to the Clock Tower, and kill Shaft. Secondly, he's capable of using Item Crashes by pressing . You probably got a taste of this in the Bloodlines stage when you played your first game. The Holy Water Item Crash (Hydrostorm) can kill even bosses in a single use. As long as you farm hearts along the way, you can Hydrostorm everything in the castle to death as you make your way to Shaft. 

    The shortest route and necessary strategies are nicely laid out in a thread that can be found HERE. Following this, it took me just under an hour to finish the Richter Playthrough from start to finish. That includes time spent farming hearts and a few untimely deaths. Additionally, always use nearby Save Rooms because they will restore your health.

  • Look at this video for the people that want it done in 8 minutes
  • Wasn't an easy task considering most of the moves you need to know aren't told too you part of the draw back of arcade games like this.
  • the most frustrating 45minutes of my life
  • i hate this one was attempting it all day got no where my controller wont hardly respond the actions or seems slow
  • I finished the inverted castle and this didn't pop for me. WTF?
  • This takes 20 mins or less to do. Speed run it and ignore the hell out of almost everything.
  • Easy do; Done in less than 20 min :)
  • Compared to the Seeker achievement this is a walk in the park it takes less than 30 minutes I would say.
  • This isn't too difficult if you know the skills a little. I would suggest learning how to do the attacks that allow you to do damage whilst moving. Remember where all of the save locations are and don't do any unnecessary tasks. Just B line straight for the bosses and save. There are videos on youtube showing how to do this with little difficulty. This one is helpful and sped up in the slower areas ! Really it's just a case of getting from save point to save point and then just using the "hydro storm" special when ever you encounter a boss battle... which basically makes them un-loose-able. Happy gaming :) !
  • This achievement is not difficult at all if you do it the fun way and not trying to do it in like 20 minutes. Just learn Richter skills and explore the castle like you did with Alucard. Just take all the HP+ you can find and kill all the boss on the first castle. Its not that long if you know the game well enough and your defense will be way better so after that just go to the inverted chapel route when you are in inverted castle and you should not have any problem because you won't die after just 2-3 hits and be frustrated as hell. IMO it was a fun achievement to do and I actually enjoyed to play through the game again with Richter.

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