A Life Without Regrets... Achievement

  • A Life Without Regrets...



    View the true Freedom ending.

    This achievement is unlocked once you complete the true Freedom ending. In order to obtain this ending, your karma meter must be in the middle between Law and Chaos (the clear area). You must also answer confessional questions on each floor of Stage 9 in a specific way like so:

    • Meter in the middle
    • 9-1 Life is up (Maybe Not Everything)
    • 9-2 Different (No)
    • 9-3 Different (No)
    • 9-4 Keep looking (Yes)

    Keeping your karma meter in the middle is not as difficult as you may think. Just be sure to alternate you choices from Law to Chaos throughout Golden Playhouse and it should keep the dial in the colorless, middle area. Just keep a sharp eye on it and don't make too many consecutive Law or Chaos choices that could prevent you from getting this ending.

  • When I went for this ending, the karma meter was a little bit into the blue part (not much), and I still got it. It apparently doesn't have to be exactly in the middle (which would be almost impossible).
  • To get this ending, you have to have your karma meter as neutral, so swaying in the middle. It doesn't have to be perfect like #1 said. And you have to answer Stage 9's 2nd & 3rd questions with a No and the 4th question with a Yes. It doesn't matter what you say to the first question you're asked. Also, this is probably my favorite ending. It's just so badass. Go Vincent!

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