Starting a New Life Achievement

  • Starting a New Life



    View the true Lover ending.

    This achievement is unlocked once you complete Katherine's true ending. In order to obtain this ending, your karma meter must be heavily on the Law side. You must also answer confessional questions on each floor of Stage 9 in a specific way like so:

    • Meter fully Law
    • 9-1 (Of course)
    • 9-2 (Yes)
    • 9-3 (No)
    • 9-4 (I'm ready)

    Just like Lord of the Night except you need to be 100% Law, no less. The dial must be pointed to the farthest right possible in order to obtain this ending. If not, you will get Katherine's Normal ending instead.

  • this ending is gained by making all the good choices basically. keep your blue karma full and u should ahve no problem getting this
  • i got this, just keep the bar full blue and u should get this
  • I wonder how you get the normal endings? Just keep the bar centered or is it more complicated I wonder?
  • I got normal ending no clue how though. I didn't see where i was at on the meter.
  • For good normal you can be maxed on either karma side and answer particular questions in a certain way for True normal ending be center and answer questions in a certain way. Here is a link to the Wiki which has shows how to get all endings. *** Wiki Contains Spoliers! *** *******************************
  • *possible spoilers* This was the best ending, in my opinion. It was happy, and really had a lot of closure, not just for Vincent and Katherine, but all of the supporting characters as well. Orlando and Johny all end their stories on a hopefuly, happy note very nicely, and Johny... well... I guess it makes sense why Erica had the nightmares too, LOL, did NOT see that coming.
  • I got this ending in my first playthrough (I'm such a goodie two-shoes). Then I looked online to see the other endings, and they were more entertaining lulz.
  • this 1 was 1 of my favorite ending
  • Yes; I agree with you guys. It really is a "True Lover Ending." I wanted this from the get go, which I got. To be honest, I did peek at wiki but only so I can get the True instead of Normal ending (did NOT look up the endings). It was pretty much the same answers that I would have wanted. PS. I did this WAY before I even looked up this forum. So I did not look because of #5's link; however, we both seemed to have the same idea that they'd have the "how to get this ending" answers. Thank you WIKI! Hi-"five," #5. *rasies hand* Oh, and this site is still good too, btw.
  • This was my first ending too. I'm going for all the other endings too and reloaded a slightly earlier save to get the bad cheater ending in the same playthrough. Not as good imo, more funny than anything coz it was sort of weird! But yes, loved this ending (only done two so far though). By the final stage I was really hoping for this one and when it showed the final cutscene I was just so glad that all the characters got what they deserved and were happy. Absolutely fantastic game and I look forward to playing a lot more of it! As I'm British I can't say how happy I am that this finally came to Europe! Love it!
  • I felt like this ending was so fake and forced. I liked what ended up happening for the Vincent's friends.. I thought that was nice but I didn't really like this ending as much as other people seem to. :/ Also shoutsouts to Johnny for getting his heart crushed yet again.
  • This has to be a pretty great way to end the game's story

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