Lord of the Night Achievement

  • Lord of the Night



    View the true Cheater ending.

    This achievement is unlocked once you complete Catherine's true ending. In order to obtain this ending, your karma meter must be heavily on the Chaos side. You must also answer confessional questions on each floor of Stage 9 in a specific way like so:

    • Meter fully Chaos
    • 9-1 (Maybe not everything...)
    • 9-2 (No)
    • 9-3 (Yes)
    • 9-4 (Yes)

    This particular Ending requires your Chaos to be 100% on your karma meter, no less. The dial must be pointed to the farthest left possible in order to obtain this ending. If not, you will get Catherine's Normal ending instead.

  • this is the same as the true lover ending but done in the reverse just make sure the bar is to the far left which is the freedom(red)side having Catherine on you always when texting to Cat and Kat. well that is how i got this achievement. :) i hope this helps.
  • * having Catherine on your mind always* sorry
  • Wow this game takes some twisty turns... wow... lol
  • LOL; nice one, Kailae16. ^-^
  • loved this ending!
  • Most of the ending is the same as the Normal Cheater ending, you just have to stick around till after the credits roll. Confused me at first, I thought I did something wrong.
  • My favourite ending for sure!

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