Hit the Road, Vincent Achievement

  • Hit the Road, Vincent



    View the bad Cheater ending.

    This achievement is unlocked once you complete Catherine's bad ending. In order to obtain this ending, your karma meter must be heavily on the Law side. You must also answer confessional questions on each floor of Stage 9 in a specific way like so:

    • Meter fully Law
    • 9-1 (Maybe not everything...)
    • 9-2 (No)
    • 9-3 (Yes)
    • 9-4 (No)
  • anyone got any ideas on how to do this one?
  • Just got this. Basically you want the bar on your meter all the way to the right/blue but then for the questions in Stage 9, do a 180 and pick the "bad" choices. Does that make sense?
  • Yeah #2, i think you're making it pretty clear what you have to do.
  • Just look it up. There are many guides online that tell you exactly what conditions you have to meet in order to see all of the endings.
  • If you're unsure, check http://catherinethegame.wikia.com/wiki/Endings_Spoiler. Warning: SPOILERS (obviously)

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